5 Benefits of a Split Unit Air Conditioner

1. Smaller Unit

Space constraints are increasingly important for condos in expensive metropolis cities like Vancouver, BC. The split unit air conditioner has two parts to the system; one outdoors and a small wall mounted unit indoors. These are much smaller than large, bulky portable room air conditioners and don’t exhaust any warm air indoors. The actual compressor unit which is outdoors, is also smaller than older style central air units taking up less room outside your home.

2. No Duct Work

Unlike older style central air systems, a split unit doesn’t connect to the same ducts that a furnace would use to disperse warm air throughout the home. Not using ducts also prevents the loss of cold air caused by leaks inside the ducts and vents.

3. Cost Efficient

Although the initial investment is higher than a window style unit, over time a split unit is more efficient than window units and it disperses cold air much better. It also is much more efficient than a central air system with ducts because of no loss of cold air before it actually gets to the room vent. With the efficiency of units such as Trane which offer better air circulation, areas cool down faster, giving you a cooler home using less energy.

4. Nice and Quiet

Split unit air conditioning is by far the quietest type of system available. No more loud humming and clicking sounds on hot nights when you’re trying to sleep! They make about the same amount of noise as a standard fan giving you a nice, quiet and cool space.

5. Cool Only The Space You Need

With a multi-split unit, individual rooms or floors of your home can each have their own indoor unit installed. This is a great option for larger, multi-level homes where rooms which aren’t in use, don’t necessarily need cooling all day. Unlike older style units where if the air conditioning is on, it’s on throughout the entire home which wastes unnecessary energy.

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