Tankless Hot Water Heaters VS Traditional Hot Water Tanks

Are Tankless Hot Water Heaters Better?

Are you tired of running out of hot water when you need it? Are energy or gas bills eating up your money? It just may be time for you to consider upgrading your hot water system with a tankless water heater. The experts at Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Ltd. can offer a free in-home estimates in the Greater Vancouver Area to discuss the benefits of having a tankless water heater.

The Difference from Using a Hot Water Tank

Most homes are equipped with a hot water tank. The large units hold on average 150 litres and are constantly keeping the water hot, even when not in use energy is being used up. When you’re sleeping or gone to work, your gas or electricity is being used to keep hot water in the tank. When you do use up the hot water in a tank, the system has to refill and heat up all over again. Another chunk of wasted energy.

A tankless hot water tank, or ‘on demand hot water system’, only heats up the water when you turn on the hot water tap. No more storing hot water to have it ready for when you need it. These systems use up to 50% less energy than large tanks and are up to 98% efficient.

Tankless water heaters are installed against a wall in your home. They take up far less room than a big bulky tank. There’s also a big health benefit to tankless systems. Unlike a tank which stores a large amount of water, there’s no algae build up to worry about. This is especially good for those with skin conditions or allergies.

Special Offers for Tankless Hot Water Heaters in Vancouver BC

This Spring is the best time to consider making the switch! At Pro Ace we have some incredible special offers, like our 1 year no payment and no interest on a Navien tankless hot water heater. Made in the USA, Navien systems come with an impressive 12 year heat exchange warranty. You can also qualify for up to $500 rebates through Fortis BC with a new, energy efficient tankless system. Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Ltd. is a member of the Fortis BC Trade Ally Network. Installation is simple and easy with same day service and free removal of your old tank.

Have all the hot water you want, when you want and best of all, save money and wasted energy! To arrange your free in home estimate, contact us at Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Ltd.