Heat Pumps & Cooling Basics

The Basics of Heat Pumps

One of the most powerful tools in heating and cooling your building isn’t a furnace, or an air conditioner: It’s a heat pump. Not sure What a heat pump is? Read on to learn more, and to discover why your Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Langley, or Burnaby building needs one.

What’s a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a form of heating and cooling with an interesting twist. Instead of burning fuel to generate heat (like a furnace does), a heat pump ingeniously moves air around: warm air towards you, cold air away from you. Or, in the summer, cold air towards you, and warm air away.

How Does a Heat Pump Work

Let’s say you want your heat pump to make it warmer. The pump absorbs the warm air from the ground or from outside. Then it moves that hot air into your building. At the same time, it takes the cool air and deposits in a “heat sink” — usually outside.

But What if It’s Already Cold Out?

Heat pumps are amazing devices! Even on a very cold day, there is warm air in the atmosphere. The heat pump finds it, extracts it, and delivers it to you.

An Efficient Option

Heat pumps are several times as efficient as standard electrical heating! That means whatever your heat pump can do to take stress off of your furnace will save energy, and save you money. In the long run, your heat pump will pay for itself through energy savings.

Heating and Cooling Together

A furnace only heats. An air conditioner only cools. But don’t let the name fool you — heat pumps work in both directions. They cool instead of an air conditioner in the summer, and they heat in the winter — and they make sure you’re getting bang for your dollar all year round. They’re one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in your heating/cooling arsenal. Be aware though: If you use a heat pump when before you didn’t use any mechanical cooling system, you may increase your energy costs.

Part of an HVAC System

Great! So I can get rid of my furnace, trade it for a heat pump, and save a mint, right? Unfortunately no. Heat pumps are great assets to a building, but they can’t do the work alone. For best results, you’ll want to team your heat pump with an efficient, up-to-date furnace.

Is a heat pump for you? Pro Ace has a variety of specials for homes and businesses considering adding a heat pump to their HVAC system. Pro Ace experts can help you choose the right model for your situation, install it, and provide on-going maintenance. Pro Ace provides heating and cooling services to homes and businesses throughout Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, and Langley.