Reasons for Making an Air Conditioner Maintenance Appointment Vancouver

Reasons for Booking Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s tough to think of it in the bleakness of winter, but spring is sneaking up on residents of Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Langley, and Surrey. Now is a great time to start planning for those spring maintenance chores home and business owners need to take care of. If you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning in your home or business, show your unit a little love now, while it’s still cold, and it will repay you with better performance when the weather heats up.

Book Your Air Conditioner a Maintenance Appointment

Like your ducts and your furnace, your air conditioner requires regular maintenance, and that A/C maintenance is best performed by a qualified HVAC service technician. Your air conditioning unit needs an annual ‘physical,’ but like with our own health, it can be easy to let preventative care slide once life gets busy. Get a jump on spring chores by making an appointment now for your air conditioner to receive its yearly tune-up.

The Basics of Air Conditioner Service

At the very minimum, your HVAC service technician will begin by performing the types of routine tasks that must be performed regularly to keep your air conditioning unit in good condition, including:

Changing the air filters, or cleaning the filters if they are the reusable variety;

– Cleaning a year’s worth of dirt and debris off of the evaporator and condenser coils;

– Ensuring the unit’s drain channels are clear; and,

– Straightening the coil fins with a special tool called a fin comb.

Pro Ace Value-Added Service

In addition to routine maintenance, a Pro Ace HVAC Service is capable of providing a higher level of service than a non-specialist. An HVAC technician doesn’t stop at ensuring the unit is clean and the filters are changed. He or she will provide an additional level of care and troubleshoot any concerns you may have. An HVAC Service technician can:

– Check the level of refrigerant;

– Ensure there are no leaks — no duct leaks, and no refrigerant leaks — and seal leaks that have developed;

– Oil the motor;

– Adjust the motor belts as needed;

– Check the electric system associated with the air conditioner, ensuring the connections are tight, the electric terminals are in good condition, and the heating and air conditioner will not operate simultaneously; and,

– Ensure that the thermostat is accurate.

Get Your Air Conditioner Working Up to its Potential

All air conditioners accumulate dirt and dust as a result of regular use. A dirty air conditioner is a less efficient air conditioner, working harder (and using up more energy) for the same results. In fact, skipping routine A/C maintenance is a false savings; It will cost you in electricity bills in the short term, and in the long term can result in expensive repairs and even replacement for a damaged unit.

Pro Ace Vancouver A/C Installation Company

Schedule an appointment now to ensure your air conditioning unit is ready for the warm weather. Contact Pro Ace Heating and Ventilation and set a date for your air conditioner to receive a little TLC. Pro Ace supplies HVAC technicians to homes and businesses throughout Greater Vancouver, including Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Langley, and Surrey.

Phone us at 604-293-3770, we’ll service your HVAC system and get your A/C working again!