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Air Conditioner Installation Vancouver

Summer in Vancouver can be too hot indoors, and without an air conditioner installation your rooms can get humid and stuffy.  There are also many benefits to having an AC system aside from the comfort of cooling air.  We will outline them below.  For the moment, Pro Ace AC has been installing units for over twenty-two years.  We have literally tens of thousands of customers who have referred many others.  When you think about air conditioner installation, service and repair, Pro Ace is the number one company to call.

Air Conditioner Installation Vancouver AC Benefits

Besides cooling your comfort zone, an AC system will help people with allergies to hay fever and dust.  The system not only cools the air, it filters it, keeping out allergens, dust and other particles.  If you have sinus problems, an AC system can help you.  Also by regulating your home temperature, your body will use less energy.  You may find that with a new AC unit in your home, you will have less overall stress.  And you may find you sleep much more soundly.  At Pro Ace you will always be able to speak with a friendly company rep to answer your questions.

Air Conditioner Installation Tips

Our first tip is to make sure you are using the current refrigerant.  If you are still using R-22, you should upgrade your AC unit right away.  After 2020, R-22 won’t be available.  And by using the approved R-410A refrigerant, you will save energy as well as energy costs.   Our second tip is to purchase an AC unit with a SEER number above 13.  SEER means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  It rates how well an AC unit conserves energy.  Pro Ace installs Trane, Goodman, Carrier, LG, Mitsubishi, Samsung, and Amery Star AC units.

One More Easy Tip

When you install your new AC system in Vancouver, make sure the installer is a Red-Seal refrigerant mechanic.  Red Seal is the highest badge of approval for an AC installer.  It means the tech has passed a gruelling exam covering all the areas about AC systems.  A Red Seal tech inspires confidence.   All Pro Ace AC installers are Red-Sealed.  If you want to know what is covered on the exam, call us and we will outline it for you.

Some questions you may have

What size air conditioner should I install in my home in Vancouver?

The size of an AC unit is measured in tons of air.  One ton of air can cool 400 square feet in homes and about half that in an office.  (Offices tend to have more windows and less insulation.)  If your home in Vancouver is 2800 sq. ft., you will need a 7 ton AC unit.  An office of the same size will require a 14 ton unit.  Do not try to save money by buying a smaller unit than necessary.  Contact Pro Ace so we can explain it all in clear, friendly detail.

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