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Air Conditioning Repair Maple Ridge and Air Conditioning Repair Pitt Meadows

It took Pro Ace over twenty years to get where we are today.  And well over 80,000 happy customers.  In Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, Pro Ace is the first name on the lips when air conditioning repair is needed.  We employ only Red Seal certified refrigerant mechanics, so you can call us with confidence.  All our work is guaranteed.  And all quotes are in writing.  We care a lot about our tens of thousands of clients. We will go the extra mile to make them happy.

Air Conditioning Repair Maple Ridge and Air Conditioning Repair Pitt Meadows Red Seal Certification

What is Red Seal certified?  It means the BC government has given the repair tech its stamp of approval.  You only receive this certification after passing a very hard, very extensive exam.  You have to know every aspect of the HVAC business, makes and models, regulations, and so on.  Only the cream of the crop can pass this exam.  But more than this, the Pro Ace repair techs keep reading up on all the latest news.  The business changes every day.  We keep up to keep you satisfied.

Air Conditioning Repair Maple Ridge and Air Conditioning Repair Pitt Meadows 100% Guaranteed

What does 100% guaranteed mean?  First of all, we have a large incentive to fix everything on the very first visit.  It is our reputation, of course, and secondly to keep our own costs down.  But we know what it takes to build confidence in our clients.  They don’t have the time to book return visits.  But the bottom line is that we will keep coming back until the problem is fixed.  That is our guarantee.  Fix it right the first time.  But fix it for sure….

Air Conditioning Repair Maple Ridge and Air Conditioning Repair Pitt Meadows Procedures

Here are two symptoms that your AC unit may need some repairs.  If your AC unit is unable to reach the set temperature.  This could be the result of having installed too small a unit.  Pro Ace makes a series of calculations to make sure the AC units they install will do the job.  It could be the result of dirty filters or duct obstructions.  And it could be a bigger problem internal to the AC unit.  To find out, call Pro Ace and we may be able to tell you over the phone.  (Always free advice!)  Another symptom is your AC unit not turning on or turning on and off for no reason.  Check the breakers, fuses, plugs, etc.  But again call Pro Ace and we will guide you through some simple checks that will likely solve the issue.

Some questions you may have

What could be the problem if my AC unit won’t shut off?

Our best guess is some sort of problem in the thermostat or in the electrical system.  A quick fix is to shut off the circuit breaker.  Check the readouts on the thermostat.  When the panel is blank, you probably need a new unit.  If that is not the case, remove the yellow wire from the thermostat unit.  When the unit turns off, it usually means a broken thermostat.  If the unit does not turn off, the problem may be melted wires.  Before you go any further, phone Pro Ace to get some good advice.  It is not worth making the problem worse.

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