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Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Port Coquitlam

For expert air conditioner service in Port Coquitlam, just call Pro Ace.  We are the people first HVAC company.  And for many good reasons.  First is our twenty-two years in the business.  Second is our  80,000 clients (and more).  Third is our guarantees: lowest prices and 100% guaranteed work.   Fourth is our Red Seal refrigerant mechanics.  Fifth is our always free advice.   Sixth is our always written quotes.   Seventh is our  Digital Tablet Technology.  Eighth is our  24/7 emergency response.  Ninth is that we really care about our clients’ home and office comfort zones.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Port Coquitlam 9 Reasons

These 9 reasons sum up our company mission.  Expertise, lowest costs, full integrity and a people-friendly staff.  The expertise comes from our many years in business.  It is also seen in our Red Seal certified techs.  Red Seal means the industry’s cream of the crop.  Our techs know their stuff.   They have years of training and experience.  But the Pro Ace techs are also people friendly.  They listen first.  Then they offer the best advice—with options.  And they write it all down.  Then they get to work.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Port Coquitlam Low Costs

Pro Ace strives to offer only the lowest costs in Port Coquitlam.  We could be the one company which suggests getting competitive quotes.  We believe in clarity.  So we always put our quotes in writing.  With all the details and no fine print.  We explain things clearly and candidly.  And all our work is one hundred percent guaranteed.  If we have to, we return until the job is done.  We built our business one happy client at a time.  Now we have over 80,000.  And we continue to grow.  Call us for some free advice and tips on saving money.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Port Coquitlam Care

We said we were people-friendly.  That is one of the keys to our continuing success.  We see our mission as solving problems.  And creating warm and soothing home comfort zones.  Our clients’ needs come first.  That includes lower costs, expert advice and quick and easy work.  We always offer tips on maintaining AC units so they will run smoothly for years.  If you would like to see a list of AC unit tips, call us any time.  And you can always speak with one of our techs.  Here’s a quick tip: change your AC filter every three to six months.  Your AC unit will love you for it.  And you will save on your energy bill.

Some questions you may have

What is the correct way to use the thermostat?

The AC unit thermostat is more than simply a temperature setting.  It can help the AC unit conserve energy and last longer.  If your comfort zone is 78 degrees, don’t set the thermostat at 70 degrees (for instance).  You might think the AC unit will arrive at 78 degrees quicker that way.  But that is a mistake.  The AC unit will work harder than it has to.  It is a waste of energy and may wear out your unit before its time.

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