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Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance White Rock

Expert air conditioning service and maintenance in White Rock is as near as your phone. Call Pro Ace to find out all about it. But first here are some of our bona fides. We have over 22 years of service experience. We have serviced over 80,000 clients. Our service people are Red Seal refrigerant mechanics. We are unique in our use of Digital Tablet Technology. Our prices are guaranteed the lowest in White Rock. We offer 24/7 emergency AC service. We maintain a fleet of smart looking service vans. All work is guaranteed. And we offer 24/7 free advice. And that is just the start.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance White Rock Savings

There are many good reasons to service your AC system in White Rock.  First is cost savings.  A regular AC unit service will help prevent wear and tear, if not breakdowns.  Second is energy savings.  AC service will lower energy usage.  Your AC unit will be more energy efficient.  And your energy bill will reflect that each month.  It’s all about saving you money and keeping your air clean and cool.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance White Rock Clarity

Above, we mentioned the Red Seal program.  To earn Red Seal certification, our techs had to pass a rigorous exam (written and practical).  Red Seal certifies that the refrigerant mechanic knows his stuff like the back of his hand.  Only the very best AC service techs earn this honor.  But it doesn’t end there.  The pros keep up on the industry’s latest trends in order to give the best advice.  Pro Ace is all about staying on the leading edge of the HVAC wave.  But our techs are not only qualified, they are people friendly.  It is in their nature to listen first, take notes and then offer the best advice.  Pro Ace’s middle name is clarity.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance White Rock Filters

The most important thing you can do is make sure you change the AC system’s filters.  Replacing filters will lower your energy bill by as much as15%.  If you did not install the system, you should check to make sure it has the right filters.  The previous owner may have used the wrong ones.  If you can’t determine which ones are the right ones, call Pro Ace.  The best advice is to change the filters every three to six months, not later.  And while you inspect the filters, check that the coil fins are not bent.

Some questions you may have

I have a ducted AC system.  Is it important to clean the ducts?

Good question.  It is something many people do not think about.  A good AC company will tell you about this issue because it is vital.  The flow of air through the ducts carries a host of nasty items.  These include dust, particles, smoke, mold, mildew, mites, pollen, and even skin flakes.  Some of these can make you sick.  If they pile up, they can reduce your air flow and damage the AC system.  In White Rock, call Pro Ace for all sorts of tips about your ducts.

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