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Understanding Air Conditioning Needs for Vancouver BC

Air conditioning systems were once considered a luxury item in the old days! It wasn’t until the 1950’s that they became more common in homes. Today, it’s hard to image living without a comfort system of some sort in your house.
Over the decades, air conditioners have changed to become more efficient and environmentally friendly. But, they still have the same basic components (compressor, evaporator coil, condenser coil, and a metering device) from decades past.
Depending upon your needs and size of the structure determines the appropriate system type. For large areas, central air conditioning is the best. But for smaller areas, a ductless or room air conditioning unit can be used. When temporary or additional cooling is needed, a portable air conditioner is sufficient.
Choosing the right system is important for overall indoor air quality and your home’s comfort! Contact Pro Ace Heating & cooling and we can help you decide which system in best for you.
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Air Con Services in Vancouver

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