4 reasons why you should service your boiler this fall

4 Reasons to Service your Boiler this Fall

  1. SAVE LIVES. A faulty boiler can be extremely dangerous. with carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning due to leaking boilers, With Pro Ace Heating in Vancouver BC, a licensed gas fitter will check for and fix any leaks or weak points during a service.
  2. REDUCE YOUR FUEL BILLS. With Pro Ace Heating a fully qualified gas fitter will make sure your boiler is running as efficiently as possible and isn’t squandering energy – this will save you money on your bills, as well as cutting your home or business’ carbon footprint.
  3. SAVE MONEY ON BOILER REPAIRS. If you periodically make sure your boiler’s working correctly, you can save money on future repairs. A Pro Ace Heating qualified boiler technician can fix any minor issues that, left un-repaired, could cause significant malfunctions and costs later on.
  4. ENSURE YOUR INSURANCE IS VALID. Most boiler warranties and some home and business insurance policies require that you ensure your boiler is safe to use. With Pro Ace Heating  an annual boiler service will meet most insurance policy requirements,  It is also strongly recommended by the BC Safety Authority

Boiler Service in Vancouver

To book your annual boiler checkup and service anywhere in the Greater Vancouver Area, our friendly furnace maintenance representatives are ready to assist you at (604) 293-3770. Give us a call to get started!