Air Conditioning Installation North Vancouver

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Air Conditioning Installation North Vancouver

Pro Ace is the air conditioning installation company of choice in North Vancouver. One reason is that we have been in business for twenty-two years.  Another one is our 80.000 strong customer base.  We built our business one HVAC client at a time.  And we think of them all as our extended family.  Our product lines include furnaces, boilers, tankless units, rooftop units and gas fireplaces.  And we install, service and repair any HVAC unit in existence.  Call us for free, friendly and clearly explained advice.

Air Conditioning Installation North Vancouver Risk-Free Installation

Why risk free?  One reason is we always present written quotes, clearly detailed.  Another is that we always urge our clients get other quotes to compare.  Third, we do not proceed with the installation before our clients sign off on the quote.  We believe it all has to be clearly explained.  Oh, and all our work is 100 percent guaranteed.  All warranties, permits and unit manuals are presented as part of the installation process.  And we are happy to show you how to care for your AC unit so it lasts as long as it can.  Pro Ace is the risk-free option in North Vancouver.

Air Conditioning Installation North Vancouver Certification

All installer techs at Pro Ace Heating are bonded, Red-Sealed gas fitters with years of training.  What does Red Seal mean?  Only top end technicians earn the right to be Red Seal certified.  They must pass a comprehensive exam that allows them to work in any province in Canada.  The Red Seal Standard comprises everything tradespersons must know about their trade.  The knowledge base includes essential skills, safety regulations and procedures, and the latest innovations.  It is the proof of industry competence.

Air Conditioning Installation North Vancouver Makes and Models

Pro Ace currently installs Trane, Goodman, Carrier, LG, Mitsubishi, and Samsung AC units.  If you would prefer a unit of your choice, we will install, service and repair it instead.  We do not proceed until we have a clear idea of your home comfort needs.  All our advice is free and we will suggest the cheapest options to save your dollars.  Our techs constantly train to keep up on the latest makes and models of AC units.  Feel free to call us right now!

Some questions you may have

What is the difference between a Split Unit and a Mini Split Unit?

The main difference is that with a split unit, you need to install either ducts or an air handler.  The mini split unit, not needing either of these additions, is also called a ductless unit.  The mini split unit is obviously cheaper to install and maintain.  It is also energy efficient which saves you even more money.  And it is ideal for buildings with no existing duct system or smaller rooms where ducts cannot be installed.  If you want to know whether to go split or mini split, call Pro Ace for our always free advice.  Or with any other questions you might have.

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