Air Conditioning Installation Richmond

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Air Conditioning Installation Richmond

Richmond can be brutally hot in the summer.  If you want to cool things down with a new AC unit, call Pro Ace.  Or if you want to replace your older unit, call us.  If you have an older AC unit in Richmond, you may be using the older R-22 refrigerant.  R-22 will not be available after the year 2020.  The new approved R-410A does not deplete the ozone layer and uses less energy.  So it is cheaper to use.  If you replace your older AC unit today, you will begin to save money right away.  Call Pro Ace and we can explain the new units with no cost to you.  In Richmond, we are the clear and detailed AC installers.

Air Conditioning Installation Richmond SEER Ratings

Pro Ace has been around for over twenty-two years.  We can tell you about the new R-410A refrigerant and many other things.  Like what SEER means and what it means for your new AC unit.  SEER is a measure of your AC unit’s energy efficiency.  Higher numbers (above 13) mean lower energy usage.  Pro Ace can advise you which units are the best for your home or office in Richmond.  Don’t sweat it!  Be cool!  We can cut through all the red tape and install your AC unit quickly and easily.

Air Conditioning Installation Richmond Red-Seal Techs

We have them all: gas fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, tankless systems, rooftop units, heat pumps and more.  Top AC systems include Trane, Goodman, Carrier, LG, Mitsubishi, Samsung, and Amery Star AC units.  All our techs are Red-Sealed refrigerant mechanics, which is the highest level of certification.  Red-Seal means customer confidence.  When you think about any HVAC unit for your home or office in Richmond, call Pro Ace.  Free advice and quotes every day.  We welcome you to join the Pro Ace family of satisfied clients.

Air Conditioning Installation Richmond Fair and Friendly AC Installations

What’s fair?  We tell our clients to get other quotes to compare with ours.  All quotes are written and detailed.  We offer as many options as we can.  And we answer questions until no more remain.  What’s friendly?  Our technicians, our company reps and our service.  All of us are very keen to help our clients, no matter what the problem is.  We always go to the ends of the earth to help someone.  Give Pro Ace a chance to deliver fair and friendly service in Richmond.

Some questions you may have

My AC unit is blowing air but it isn’t cold.  What could be the problem?

First check your thermostat setting.  Make sure it is set at “auto,” not “on.”  Then check your air filter.  Replace it if it is dirty.  Check the AC unit from the outside.  If it is dirty, clean it; if it is obstructed, uncover it.  Check to see if the fan is working.  If it isn’t, you will need a technician to fix it.  Then check the refrigerant level.  If it is low, there is probably a leak and you should call in the experts.  Call Pro Ace and we can diagnose most problems on the phone.

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