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Air Conditioning Repair Langley and Air Conditioning Repair Aldergrove

For AC repair in Langley and Aldergrove, Pro Ace is the expert, friendly, company to call.  We started as a small HVAC company to provide home and office comfort to as many people as possible.  Now we have over 80,000 clients.  Many of their comments appear on our website.  Read them and know that they are just some among the many!  Our clients know that they can contact us at any time with any small and large concerns.  Or simply to find out what the latest news is in the HVAC domain.  Call us right now if you want!

Air Conditioning Repair Langley and Air Conditioning Repair Aldergrove Service Plus

Pro Ace does much more than install, service and repair AC units in Langley and Aldergrove.  We offer free advice on all kinds of issues.  Like saving you money, caring for your AC unit, and about the latest makes and models.  Some of our current models are Trane, American Standard, Goodman, Rheem, Lennox, Carrier, LG and Mitsubishi.  But we can repair any AC unit in the world.  All our techs are Red Seal certified refrigerant mechanics.  They know their stuff.  And they are the friendliest techs in the business.

Air Conditioning Repair Langley and Air Conditioning Repair Aldergrove Procedures Repair Symptoms

Here are a couple of signs your AC unit in Langley and Aldergrove may need some repairs.  For instance, if you notice any visible damage or signs of leakage on the AC unit.  Damage to the unit can lead to serious problems later, so call Pro Ace and let us know where the damage is.  “Repair now to avoid replacing later” is our usual bit of advice.  Likewise with any signs of leakage.  This could require a simple fix, if it just the linkages or a loose hose.  But it is worth calling the experts to get our best advice.  Secondly, if your AC unit has stopped blowing cool air, it could be an easy fix or it might be a more complex issue internal to the AC unit.  Don’t delay to let us know what the symptoms are.

Air Conditioning Repair Langley and Air Conditioning Repair Aldergrove Best Advice

Your AC system is a relatively simple machine.  The air is cooled with the use of a refrigerant and then a fan blows it (almost) silently into your rooms.  A regular service plan will keep it running smoothly.  Don’t forget to change the filters every three months or so.  But it’s not a perfect world.  So problems may arise.  You just need to know that Pro Ace stands at the ready to repair your problems when they arise.  Yes, we provide 24 hour emergency repair service, even if you are not already one of our clients.  You have that confidence in Pro Ace.

Some questions you may have

How can I be sure that my AC system repair will be done right the first time?

If we cannot guarantee certainty, we can guarantee confidence.  First, we repair all makes and models of AC units.  Second, we are the only company to use Digital Tablet Technology.  This is the leading edge repair technique.  It makes sure the repair is done in an orderly way and minimizes errors.  (Call us and we will tell you all about it.)  Third, Pro Ace guarantees all our work.  Thus, we have a big incentive to get it right the first time.  Fourth, our repair people are all Red Seal approved.  They are the very best in the business!

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