Air Conditioning Repair Richmond

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Air Conditioning Repair Richmond

For expert AC system repair in Richmond, you need only call Pro Ace.  We are a leading edge HVAC company.  What’s the proof?    First, we have been in the business for over two decades.  We have mastered all the variables.  Second, we have over 80,000 happy clients.  We have built this business one client at a time.  Third, all our AC repair work is 100% guaranteed.  We don’t stop until the repair is done.  And there’s more…

Air Conditioning Repair Richmond More Proof

Fourth, our repair techs are all Red Seal refrigerant mechanics.  Red Seal is the highest level in the industry.  Fifth, Pro Ace uses Digital Tablet Technology.  We are the only company to use DTT.  DDT ensures an error-free process.  Sixth, all our quotes are written.  (With no fine print to worry about.)  We don’t start work until our Richmond client signs off on the AC repair manifest.   And there is still more.

Air Conditioning Repair Richmond Even More Proof

Seventh, we offer the lowest prices in Richmond.  Pro Ace always advises that our clients get some other quotes to compare.  It is all about your peace of mind in Richmond.  Eighth, we provide 24/7 emergency response.  Have a problem at four in the morning?  Just call us and we will be there as quick as we can.  Ninth, we provide free consultations.  Pro Ace is always happy to give free advice on AC repair issues in Richmond.  We like talking to people and helping them solve their AC problems.

Air Conditioning Repair Richmond Final Proof

Tenth, Pro Ace actually cares a lot about our clients.  “People first” is one of our visions.   We listen to our Richmond clients’ concerns.  Then we write it all down.  We do the research.  Our repair techs then suggest some options to solve the problem.  And put all our quotes in writing with all costs in detail.  That’s what makes us unique.  Most of our clients are on a first name basis.  Friends and family.  When they contact us, they know who they are talking to.  They know we care about them and their home comfort in Richmond.

Some questions you may have

I notice water dripping from the front panel on my AC window unit.  What should I do?

The cause of this is usually that the condensate pan at the bottom of the unit is not positioned properly.  That is, it slopes toward the front (room side) of the AC unit instead of the back (outside).  This is an easy fix.  Simply adjust the slope of the pan toward the exterior of the AC window unit.  As with all issues about your AC system, just contact Pro Ace for our very best no-cost advice.  We can usually advise you over the phone to save you the cost of a repair visit.  But if we need to drop by your home in Richmond to see the problem for ourselves, we can do that at a moment’s notice.

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