Red Seal Certified Vancouver Air Conditioning Technicians

The following information will be of interest to everyone who has an Air Conditioning system in Vancouver.  Whether you are considering the installation of an air conditioning system in Vancouver, air conditioning service and maintenance or air conditioning repair, it is crucial that the air conditioning Vancouver company employs professional, experienced, and certified air conditioning technicians.  Ideally, the air conditioning technicians are Red Seal certified. 

Red Seal Certified Vancouver Air Conditioning Technicians

Red Seal certification was inaugurated in 1959 to standardize the skill set and competencies of air conditioning installers, service and maintenance technicians and repair people.  To earn a Red Seal endorsement, technicians must pass a rigorous written and practical exam about their knowledge of everything about air conditioning units and systems.  Topics covered include skills and knowledge requirements, safety issues, trade issues, technical terms, air conditioning operations, various air conditioning makes and models, and requisite tools and equipment.  

It is equally crucial to employ Class A Gasfitters when installing, servicing and repairing air conditioning systems in Vancouver (and anywhere else).  Class A gasfitters install, test, adjust, maintain and repair all HVAC components and accessory equipment.  These include boilers, burners, furnaces, rooftop units, and gas fireplaces.   There is more than one type of gas used today and Class A technicians are required to be proficient in natural gas, propane, mixtures of propane gas and air, propylene, butane, butylene, and hydrogen.   

Class A Gasfitters are licensed to work in the residential, manufacturing, and industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) sectors.  An experienced Class A gasfitter has worked in all manner of structural conditions and weather, indoors and outside.  They must be aware of safety concerns when working near electricity, construction equipment, piping systems, flammable gases and power tools.  They need to be in excellent physical shape to work in cramped spaces, climb ladders, and lift heavy equipment. 

These days Gasfitters are more and more required to be computer savvy. Increasingly, diagnostics, such as Pro Ace’s Tablet Technology, systems analysis, technical information, safety considerations, and communication with both clients and the home office require computer proficiency.  Air conditioning Vancouver issues are directly related to the gasfitters being always aware of current industry information, technological innovations, environmental effects, and safety improvements which are all found online. 

Safety issues are the most important of these for obvious reasons.  Safety procedures and practices are increasingly updated and are becoming more and more stringent.  Gasfitters must be cognizant of changes in hazard assessments, personal protective equipment (PPE), and frequency of attendance at safety meetings.  They also must be aware of changes in safety training in Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG), working in confined spaces, hazardous energy isolation, working on active construction sites, and fall protection.  They should also be aware of emergency first aid procedures.   

In addition, the materials gasfitters work with are constantly being improved, especially the plastics and stainless steels used in piping and duct equipment.

As you can see, air conditioning Vancouver is a dynamic and complex topic.  All the more important to make certain that you hire only a company who employs Red Seal certified gasfitters.  Pro Ace is the one company that has been in business for over 22 years with over 80,000 satisfied customers.  All work is certified, guaranteed and warrantied.  The work is not finished until the customer signs off on it.  Satisfied! 

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