Servicing Your Furnace Annually – List of Items to Remember

Servicing Your Furnace Annually – List of Items to Remember

Once we install a new beautiful furnace in Coquitlam, it is easy to forget about servicing it.  The furnace is running smoothly, quietly and efficiently, and we may forget that it is even there.   But like any machine, its normal operation results in normal wear and tear, and, not being perfection incarnate, it may develop problems that should have attention now rather than later when repairs become more expensive.  There are four main issues here: safety, efficiency, cost and warranty.  Gas furnaces (especially) must be maintained to ensure the safety of your home (and office) environment in Coquitlam.  On that note, Fortis B.C. strongly advises at least a yearly furnace service and maintenance.  Fortis is first and foremost concerned with the safe operation of gas appliances.  A gas leak, if not promptly attended to, can ruin your day, if not affect your health.  A regular furnace service and maintenance in Coquitlam will generally ensure the safe operation of your furnace. 

Efficiency. A regular furnace service and maintenance in Coquitlam will go a long way to ensure the smooth operation of your furnace by, for one, keeping critical parts lubricated.  Your furnace in Coquitlam operates perhaps as many as 2000 hours per year.  As you can imagine, should the working parts of your furnace in Coquitlam “dry out” the parts will begin to wear down.  Same as putting oil in your car.  Efficiency means continued comfort and convenience. 

Cost.  This is the same as preventive maintenance.  A regular furnace service and maintenance in Coquitlam will simply save you money!  Avoiding a regular furnace service and maintenance procedure will eventually, almost certainly, cause unnecessary repairs, perhaps in the worst case scenario, a complete furnace replacement.  No fun. 

Warranty.  Most of us don’t bother to read the warranties for our cars, appliances, and so on.  In sum, the furnace warranty specifies that it will become void if furnace service and maintenance is not conducted on a regular basis. 

These are, obviously, all good reasons to perform a furnace service and maintenance procedure with regularity. 

The following will likely impress you with its size and scope.  A list of what is involved in a Pro Ace furnace service and maintenance in Coquitlam:

·         Check operation of safety limit controls

·         Check temperature set points

·         Check operation of thermostat

·         Examine vent connector and inspect entire venting system and termination

·         Lubricate blower and motor bearings

·         Clean and inspect grill, fan and blower assembly

·         Check blower speed and operation

·         Check pressure switches and vent blower (if applicable)

·         Inspect burners and clean if required

·         Examine Heat exchanger for cracks or holes

·         Check and adjust pilot

·         Check flame rectification

·         Measure stack (flue) temperature

·         Check gas piping to furnace

·         Check for Gas Leaks

·         Check for Carbon Monoxide

·         Check and replace filters


A regular furnace service in Coquitlam is not brain surgery, but it’s nonetheless a comprehensive detailed procedure requiring a trained gasfitter, ideally Red Seal certified.  In other words, a Pro Ace professional and personable technician with many years of experience with all kinds of HVAC systems. 


The beauty of the Pro Ace furnace service in Coquitlam is that you set the schedule and then forget about it.  Pro Ace will remind you of the yearly visit, arrive in a modern, fully-equipped van with all the necessary parts and diagnostic equipment and go to work without disturbing your routine.  You will receive a printout detailing the current condition of your furnace in Coquitlam and the technician will provide some suggestions about your furnace’s care as well as answer all your questions. 


Pro Ace customers regularly comment on how their experience with the technician was a memorable one and made them feel confident and reassured about a very important part of their lives—the maintenance of their comfort zone.