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Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning: Ameristar Ductless Air Conditioning System Advantages

What are the advantages of an Ameristar Ductless System? 

In general, ductless Air Conditioning Systems do not require ducting, so they can be used wherever there is no existing ducting.  They can be used in apartments, townhouses, offices and commercial properties.  They are a good solution for houses with boilers as a heating system or apartments with electronic baseboard heaters.  Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning recommends Ameristar ductless systems because of their technology, efficiency, noise level and technical support. Ameristar ductless air conditioning systems come with hand-held remote controls, variable speed compressors, base pan heaters, galvanized steel cabinets with Blue Fin Coastal coating, and are AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute) certified. 

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning installs, services and repairs Ameristar ductless systems as well as all the other leading manufacturers.

What does an Ameristar Ductless System cost?

Single head: Average $3000 to $4000
Multi Heads: Requires written estimate

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning can provide estimates for multi-heads tailored for your home.  All our advice is free and we are ready and willing to answer your questions at any time.  Since Pro Ace operates a 24 hour emergency service there is always someone there to answer your calls.

How quiet is the Ameristar Ductless Air Conditioning System?

Indoor unit: 22db to 46db (depending on the size of the unit)
Outdoor unit: 71db to 76db

Please refer to the chart below.

What size are Ameristar Ductless Air Conditioning Units?

HVAC units are measured in British thermal units or Btus. One Btu is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. 

Indoor unit:  from 9000 Btu to 24000 Btu
Outdoor unit: from 9000 Btu to 42000 Btu

Please refer to the chart below.

What is the average lifetime of an Ameristar ductless system?

A mini split ductless air conditioning unit should last for approximately 20 years.  Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning installs ductless systems using techniques that ensure a longer lifetime, a professional look, and also minimize leaks.  Pro Ace as an authorized Ameristar dealer follows all the manufacturer’s specifications. Pro Ace has been installing Ameristar systems since 1995 and uses only Red Seal certified air conditioning technicians.  At Pro Ace, air conditioning is what we do for a living and your satisfaction is our number one priority.  If you have any questions about heating or cooling systems, you can call Pro Ace at any time.  Pro Ace is an authorized outlet for Trane and Mitsubishi and also a dealer for Daikin, LG, and Ameristar.

How often do Ameristar ductless systems need to be serviced? 

It is imperative that you schedule a regular service and maintenance procedure, at least once every year.  Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning will check for system leaks and all issues to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. The indoor filters should be cleaned, depending on their use, but every 3 to 6 months.  Pro Ace will remove filters, wash them and then replace them.  Pro Ace can set a schedule for you so that you never have to think about it.  We will contact you well in advance of the service date to remind you.  Pro Ace is the only company to use Digital Tablet Technology in its service and maintenance procedure, which ensures an orderly, accurate, and affordable diagnosis. 

What operating costs of a Ameristar ductless system can I expect?

Ameristar manufactures state-of-the-art HVAC systems that will operate efficiently for about twenty years.  If you schedule regular service and maintenance for your Ameristar system you will avoid unnecessary repairs and minimize your operating costs over the term.  Operating costs may vary slightly depending on the size of your Ameristar unit and the general climate in which you live.  And you may be eligible for government residential energy credits as well as manufacturer rebates. We suggest calling Pro Ace to get a fairly accurate estimate of your particular operating costs per year after calculating these factors.  Remember all our information and advice is free!  And we are happy to visit your home for a free estimate!

How long will it take to install an Ameristar ductless air conditioning system?

Normally it takes 1 to 3 days for 5 heads to be installed.  A smaller number will take less time.  Call Pro Ace to get a written estimate and answer any other questions you might have

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning Ameristar ductless installation procedure.

– Ductless systems comprise two parts, the condenser that is installed outside and the wall mount unit that is installed inside.  Normally we place the condenser on the balcony and run a line set (pipes) and electrical wire to the indoor unit.

– The technician will drill a 2-3 inch hole for the line set and the wire. The hole will be sealed and covered to avoid damage and leakage.

– The technician will provide power to the outdoor unit.  Usually they will run a new wire from the electrical panel, which is 208/230 volt.

Ameristar Ductless Air Conditioning System Specifications

Ameristar Multi

Out Door Unit

Nominal Capacity



Dimension H/W/D







1 to 2


23.5 X 35.4 X 14.9





2 TO3


27.6 X 37.2 X 15.6





2 TO 4


27.6 X 37.2 X 15.6





2 TO 4


31.1 X 39.1 X 16.8





2 TO 5


43.4 X 42.8X 17.3



Indoor Unit

Nominal Capacity


Dimension H/W/D


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