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Boiler Service and Maintenance West Vancouver

In West Vancouver, Pro Ace Heating is the leading boiler service and maintenance company.  Pro Ace began as a small local HVAC company servicing the Lower Mainland in 1995.  Since then, we have satisfied over 80,000 customers.  Today we are the most trusted boiler service people for West Vancouver.  We also services furnaces, AC systems, tankless systems, gas fireplaces and all other HVAC systems and units.

Boiler Service and Maintenance West Vancouver Vital Advice

The BC Safety Authority counsels getting a yearly service inspection for every boiler system.  Routine boiler care is vital to ensure the lifetime of your boiler in West Vancouver.  It is also vital to your boiler’s supply of heat.   A proper boiler service can prevent many issues before they occur.  And it can help you avoid needing repairs or new parts.  Lastly, it will lower your gas usage and energy bill.  That means you save more each month and waste less energy.

Boiler Service and Maintenance West Vancouver Knowledge

All Pro Ace techs are licensed gas fitters with years of knowledge.  They are adept  in boiler installation, boiler service, and boiler repair.  All our techs give clear, detailed and written quotes related to your boiler service.  They are also very patient and mindful of our clients’ costs for their boiler service.  Pro Ace also suggests finding out about quotes from other companies to ease your mind we offer the lowest prices in the Lower Mainland.

Boiler Service and Maintenance West Vancouver Safety Specifics

An annual service plan for your boiler is a good idea for several reasons.  The first is your home and office safety.  All gas heating systems are prone to breakdowns as they get older.  Gas leaks are a boiler’s worst case scenario.  It is vital to check for them at least once a year.  A boiler’s fuel usage is also an issue.  There are many ways to lower your yearly energy costs.  The second reason is your home comfort.  When the weather turns colder, you want to know that your boiler unit is running smoothly.  Lastly, is your budget.  An annual boiler service will cut costs over the lifetime of your boiler.

Boiler Service and Maintenance West Vancouver Details

There are five main things we check during a boiler service.  First, we have a look at the safety limit controls.  Second, we check the pressure relief valve.  Third, we test the water pressure and warmth set points.  Fourth and fifth, we check both the expansion tank and the thermostat.  For a complete list of a boiler service in West Vancouver, call Pro Ace Heating and we will send you one, by email or hard copy.

Some questions you may have

Can I do the boiler service myself?

You could, but we do not advise it.  The safety issues involved in a boiler service require a licensed tech to know what to look for.  Some of the regular checks also require special testing devices and knowing what the boiler parameters are.  The cost of a boiler service is not high and it only takes a couple of hours.  It is well worth hiring a pro for these and other reasons.  Call Pro Ace for a detailed list of a boiler service procedure.

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