Boiler Service and Maintenance

The BC Safety Authority recommends an annual service inspection for every boiler system.  Routine boiler maintenance is crucial to ensuring the longevity and overall efficiency of your HVAC systems.  A proper inspection can prevent problems before they start, and reduce the chance of needing repairs or replacement parts.  It also helps to lower your energy bill and gas consumption, meaning you save more each month and waste less energy.

Pro Ace Heating and Air conditioning professionals are able to maintain, repair, and install a vast armada of boilers:

John Wood , Bradford White, Rinnai, Navien, Eco King, Prestige, HydroTherm, Slantfin, Laars

For boiler maintenance pricing, boiler repairs, and boiler installations call Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning for expert advice and free consultations.

What are some of the things we do to service your boiler?

  • Review the operation of safety limit controls
  • Gauge the pressure relief valve
  • Gauge the water pressure and temperature set points
  • Check the expansion tank
  • Check the operation of thermostat
  • Lubricate the circulating pump as required
  • Test the Radiant Floor Temperature control device (Mixing Valve or Equivalent)
  • Test the pressure switches and vent blower (if applicable)
  • Inspect the burners and clean if required
  • Examine the vent connector and inspect venting system
  • Testing the vent damper operation (if applicable)
  • Adjust the pilot light (if applicable)
  • Measuring flame rectification
  • Measure the stack (flue) temperature
  • Reviewing the gas piping to boiler
  • Adjust the manifold gas pressure
  • Clock appliance to verify correct input
  • Determine if the combustion /ventilation air is adequate
  • Testing for elevated carbon monoxide levels
  • Inspect the heat exchanger
  • Checking temperature difference between the supply and return piping.
  • Clean equipment interior/exterior
  • Checking for carbon monoxide and gas leaks
  • Leave completed checklist with customer

Pro Ace Heating uses a unique and patented tablet system for our service and maintenance inspections.  No one else in the industry has the same technological advantage.  Our tablet system does more than just ensure that every inspection completes a multi-point checklist.  This allows senior technicians to oversee the inspection and ensure that nothing gets missed.  It also presents a detailed report to the customer when completed. Pro Ace is leading the way in heating service and maintenance, which is why you should contact us for your next boiler service inspection.

Contact Pro Ace Heating and Plumbing Services with your questions.  When you are in need of boiler service or maintenance, contact Pro Ace with your boiler servicing questions.  We get it done right, right away. Our detail-oriented experts are ready right now to come by for your next boiler inspection.

When you’re in need of warmth, trust Pro Ace to deliver a mitigated solution with our selection of brands:

IBC Boiler, HydroThermSlantfinLaars.

Contact Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning with your questions

Questions you may have:

How much is the cost of servicing my boiler?

When servicing your boiler, it is very important to hire a boiler company with complete integrity.  Such a boiler company will ask you questions about your boiler (age, condition, and so on) in order to begin to design a detailed estimate of your servicing cost.  They will then conduct a thorough diagnosis of your boiler system to assess its current condition, ideally a multi-point inspection.  The will then be able to present you with a detailed report describing the condition of all the main components, what should be replaced, what should be repaired, and so on, with a precise charge attached to each.  Our technicians are not only trained and licensed, they are skilled in the art of customer relations, easy to talk to, clear in their explanations, and truly caring about our customers’ HVAC unit concerns.  They will explain why in some cases it is cheaper in the long run to replace certain components rather than repair them for the short term cost savings.  And they will be able to present you with some options regarding parts and other issues.

How often should I get my boiler serviced?

It’s often recommended servicing your boiler once a year.  Servicing your boiler each year will avoid premature malfunctions and breakdowns.  You will also save yourself a lot of money by avoiding having to repair or replace boiler components before their time.  In addition, you will maintain the safe operation of your boiler and preserve the security of your home environment.  Contact Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning for any boiler servicing and boiler maintenance questions.

How does servicing my boiler save me money?

Regular servicing of your boiler will detect any weakening or deterioration of the boiler components before they need to be replaced or damage other components in the system.  Keeping your boiler in tip top condition will ensure its smooth operation for many years and you will avoid having to replace the whole unit before its time.  Call Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning with any concerns you may have about your boiler.  We are the boiler experts.

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