Components of Boilers and Boiler Repairs for Surrey, Abbotsford, Cloverdale Residents

The following is a tutorial on the components of boilers.  Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning presents this information to better acquaint you with your boiler in Surrey, Abbotsford and Cloverdale.  Should your boiler require repairs your conversation with our highly-trained boiler repair technicians will be more informative if you have some basic knowledge about your boiler.

Boilers are an essential component in a hydronic heating system.   Hydronic is a relatively new word in the lexicon, relating to a heating system which transfers the heat in either circulating water or steam (hence the hydro- part).  The boiler heats the water and a pump sends the heated water to a radiator.  Besides the boiler, pump and radiator, the system is also composed of a burner, heat exchanger, firebox, piping, exhaust stack, superheater, combustion chamber, electric wiring, and some controls.

·         Burner.  These days the burner is usually fuelled by natural gas and supplies the energy that heats the water in the boiler.


·         Heat Exchanger.  The heat exchanger sits between the burner and the water so that the burner can transfer heat to the water without being in contact with the water. 


·         Firebox.  The firebox ignites the flame from the fuel.


·         Piping.  Supply lines deliver the hot water to the distributor.  Return lines return the water that has cooled back to the boiler to be reheated.


·         Exhaust stack.  Also called a flue.  This is the piping that conveys the hot combustion gasses away from the boiler to the outside.


·         Superheater.  The superheater captures the heat in the flue gases and transfers it to the steam before it enters the turbine without increasing the steam’s pressure.


·         Combustion chamber.  Made of cast iron or steel, the combustion chamber houses the burners and combustion process.


·         Controls.  Monitor regulation, efficiency and safety in fuel usage, fuel pressure, water and steam temperatures, and firing sequences.    


An important component of the boiler system for users is the flame safeguard system.  This is a set of controls which monitor the safety limits on the operation of the burner.  These include the starting and shut down of the burner, which can be achieved either manually or automatically.  The system also monitors the start-up procedure in the proper sequence, purging of gas in the combustion chamber, lighting the pilot, and opening the main gas valve.  When the boiler is operating, the flame safeguard system will monitor the burner operation, firing rates, and water and gas pressure and temperatures.

In Surrey, Abbotsford and Cloverdale, boiler repair should be a relatively rare event if the boiler is serviced and maintained with regularity.  Pro Ace Air Conditioning and Heating has over 22 years of experience and over 80,000 customers to advise you about efficient boiler service and maintenance to prevent unnecessary boiler repairs in Surrey.  If you would enjoy a free assessment (diagnosis) or your boiler’s current condition, call Pro Ace.  And we are always available for free advice and information over the phone.