Considering An Air Conditioning Installation in Vancouver – Now Is The Perfect Time

Considering An Air Conditioning Installation in Vancouver – Now Is The Perfect Time

Believe it or not – Summer is coming and it may be a long hot one.  So if you have been considering an air conditioning installation in Vancouver now is the perfect time.  One of the reasons is that most people wait until the last minute, when the heat in your home becomes unbearable.  And then it may be difficult to arrange an air conditioning system installation in Vancouver because all the air conditioning installation companies are now busy.  At this moment, the air conditioning installers are twiddling their thumbs waiting for the weather to change.  Another reason is that an air conditioning system installation takes some preparation which we will describe below. 

Contact Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning today and you will have your air conditioner installation completed in plenty of time to enjoy a cool refreshing comfort zone in your home or office in Vancouver. 

The preparation for an air conditioner installation in Vancouver begins with a phone call to Pro Ace, or you can contact us from our web site .  One of our friendly and knowledgeable service representatives will record some preliminary information about your home such as size, number of rooms, location and so on.  And then we will establish a convenient time to visit your location in Vancouver.  An experienced Red Seal certified technician will visit your Vancouver home in a state-of- the-art service van complete with all the necessary equipment. 

Our air conditioning installation technicians are not only the cream of the crop (Red Seal), they are personable and eager to answer all our customers’ questions.  They will assess the square footage of your home and analyze the sun exposures in each of your rooms.  They will also take into consideration your budget for an air conditioning system.  And they will ask about allergies.  Remember that air conditioners do not simply control temperature, they filter out pollens and other allergens. 

After the technicians have gathered all the pertinent information about your home and your specific needs, they will present you with a detailed report with suggestions about the best air conditioning systems for your Vancouver home.  In all likelihood, they will have the system in the van and can begin the installation immediately.  Otherwise, they will return with the desired air conditioning system at another time convenient to the homeowner. 

A few words about Red Seal are pertinent.  Red Seal certification was inaugurated in 1959 to standardize the skill set and competencies of air conditioning installers, service and maintenance technicians and repair people.  To earn a Red Seal endorsement, technicians must pass a rigorous written and practical exam about their knowledge of everything about air conditioning units and systems.  Topics covered include skills and knowledge requirements, safety issues, trade issues, technical terms, air conditioning operations, various air conditioning makes and models, and requisite tools and equipment.  

Pro Ace installer technicians are skilled in the installation, maintenance and repair of boilers, burners, furnaces, rooftop units, and gas fireplaces.   There is more than one type of gas used today and Pro Ace technicians are required to be proficient in natural gas, propane, mixtures of propane gas and air, propylene, butane, butylene, and hydrogen.   

An efficient, affordable air conditioning installation is important in Vancouver, but safety is always our first concern.  Safety procedures and practices are increasingly updated and are becoming more and more stringent.  Gasfitters must be cognizant of changes in hazard assessments, personal protective equipment (PPE), and frequency of attendance at safety meetings.  They also must be aware of changes in safety training in Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG), working in confined spaces, hazardous energy isolation, working on active construction sites, and fall protection.  They should also be aware of emergency first aid procedures.   

Pro Ace always gives written quotes, all our work is guaranteed, and air conditioning systems come with factory warranties.  And all our advice is free.  Give us a call.