Surrey Boiler Repair Tips – Diagnosing some problems or malfunctions on your boiler

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning is the pre-eminent boiler repair company in Surrey, Abbotsford and Cloverdale.  Now in business over 22 years, with over 80,000 satisfied customers, Pro Ace is the professional, efficient solution to all your HVAC issues.  Pro Ace is the only HVAC company to use Tablet Technology in the diagnosis of your heating unit, including boilers.  Tablet Technology is the leading edge diagnostic tool that ensures an orderly, double-checked, procedure in boiler diagnosis.  It reduces errors in the diagnostic process to almost zero.  You can phone us at any time to discuss Tablet Technology in more detail. 

Surrey Boiler Repair Tips – Diagnosing some problems or malfunctions on your boiler.

The following are some tips to use if your boiler in Surrey, Abbotsford or Cloverdale is experiencing some problems or malfunctions.

·        The boiler has no power.  First check all visible wiring.  If there is a circuit breaker, check to see if it has been tripped (and reset if that is the case).  Find the circuit breaker box and see if any switches are in the “off” position.  If the boiler is an older unit, check the fuses (in the fuse box) and replace any that are blown. You will be able to see which ones are blown by the broken strip within the fuse. 

·        Check the water level in the boiler.  The water in the boiler should be at the half mark.  Water pressure should be between 12 and 15 psi. 

·        Check that the natural gas valve is open.

·        Check the pilot light. If the pilot light is out, call Pro Ace and we will be happy to detail what to do next.

·        Alternatively, if you have an electronic ignition system on your boiler (as opposed to a pilot light), the eis may have malfunctioned.  Again call Pro Ace and we will tell you what to do.

·        Check the thermostat.  The boiler thermostat should be in “heat mode” with the correct temperature setting. Change the thermostat setting by a few degrees to see if anything happens.   

Call your local Surrey Boiler Repair Company Pro Ace Heating

If none of these quick fixes work, it is time to call the boiler repair experts in Surrey, Abbotsford and Cloverdale—Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning.  Pro Ace is always happy to offer free advice and always willing to visit your home or office in Surry, Abbotsford and Cloverdale. 

Note that Pro Ace only hires Red Seal certified technicians who are also personable, knowledgeable and very experienced. All our quotations are in writing and all work is guaranteed.  In the worst case scenario, you may have to replace your boiler with a state-of-the-art modern boiler that is friendlier to the environment, cheaper to repair, and will last longer.  A new boiler may actually save you money as opposed to repairing your current old boiler.

24/7 Emergency Boiler Repairs in Surrey

One more thing to remember: Pro Ace maintains a 24/7 emergency response team in Surrey, Abbotsford and Cloverdale, so if your boiler develops a problem, don’t panic. Phone the professionals and we will arrive at your home in Surrey, Abbotsford or Cloverdale in the nick of time.