Coquitlam Air Conditioning Repair

Pro Ace takes pride in all our AC repair work in Coquitlam.  That is what has kept us in business for over two decades.  And we repair boilers, furnaces, gas fireplaces, heat pumps, tankless systems and rooftop units.  We like to think we are the leading experts in all things HVAC in Coquitlam.  When you need expert AC unit repair in Coquitlam, Pro Ace is the one to call.  Our 80,000 satisfied customers can tell you why.

Coquitlam Air Conditioning Repair Emergency Response

Pro Ace offers around the clock emergency air conditioning repair service in Coquitlam.  We know what it is like to lose your cooling during the summer hours.  So we respond as quickly as it takes to drive to your home or office.  We arrive in a modern repair van containing all the right parts.  Our repair techs will quickly find out the problem and then tell you what it will cost to repair.  Always in writing.  And they will tell you how you can save money on your AC system’s upkeep.  We want to keep you as a client for as long as your system lasts (and even longer!)

Coquitlam Air Conditioning Repair Certified Repairs

Note that all Pro Ace repair techs are Red Seal certified.  Red Seal is the highest certification in the HVAC industry.   It means the repair techs know their stuff.   They have years of training and are always studying the latest news.  They can repair any make and model of HVAC system.  It is in their blood.  Pro Ace knows how vital it is to maintain your comfort zone—as cheaply as possible.  In summer or winter, Pro Ace stands at the ready to solve your HVAC issues in Coquitlam.

Coquitlam Air Conditioning Repair Guarantees

All Coquitlam Pro Ace AC repair work is one hundred percent guaranteed.  No questions asked.  After we repair your AC system in Coquitlam, we will contact you to see that it is working like a charm.  Pro Ace believes that it is all about customer satisfaction.  We built our business one client at a time.  And we are always ready to answer any concerns about your HVAC system in Coquitlam.  We think of our clients as an extended family.  And we always welcome new members.  Never hesitate to call us!


Some questions you may have


What temperature should I set my AC thermostat to?

This is a personal choice, but during the summer, between 75 and 78 (F) is a good comfort zone.  The lower the setting, the higher your power bill, but your comfort is the reason you installed your AC unit.  So you might prefer a lower setting.  Or start with a lower setting and then dial up a little once you have cooled off.  A digital thermostat can be programmed to self-set all day and night.  So when you go to work, the AC unit may shut down and start up, say, a half hour before you return home.  Maximum comfort at the cheapest cost.  Call Pro Ace with any questions.  All our advice is free.