Burnaby Boiler Maintenance or Bust

Regular boiler maintenance is a must for households. For those who think it’s an unnecessary service, remember, these contraptions have an uncanny way of failing when they’re needed most.


As a boiler repair and installation service in Burnaby, Pro Ace Heating and Repair understands that keeping a home in tiptop shape and avoiding costly repair bills means investing a little bit in maintenance. Generally speaking, as far as boiler repairs are concerned, the longer a problem is put off, the harder (and more expensive) it becomes to fix.


There’s absolutely nothing nicer than returning to a cozy home on a bitterly cold day, but running a boiler at full blast in cold weather subjects it to a tremendous amount of strain. That’s why it’s best to make sure a boiler is in working order well before the cold months start.


Regualr boiler maintenance makes good sense (and dollars too) when you consider that an effectively running system can reduce heating bills by up to 25%.


Pro Ace Heating and Repair in Burnaby can provide a fast boiler service on the same day, or even within a few hours. With experienced technicians, reasonable prices, and nearly 20 years of experience, we are Burnaby’s boiler service specialists.


To schedule boiler maintenance or for emergency repairs if the boiler breaks, Contact us 24/7 at 604-293-3770.