Why a Ductless HVAC System? | Vancouver’s Pro Ace Heating Tips

Why a Ductless System?

This is a question that comes up often, whether designing a new space (such as an add-on for your home) or finding a heating or cooling solution for an existing area (such as a commercial office): what are the benefits of a ductless heating system?

The long and short of it is this: more often than not, ductless systems generally are not as beneficial as having proper air ducts installed and attaching the space to the existing central heating and cooling system However, there are a great many reasons why this may be impractical, or simply impossible.

There are also some units where a ductless system actually is the more efficient choice, and can provide an effective solution without having to install and maintain air ducts or ventilation.

One obvious scenario is for a new home addition, such as a new room built onto your existing house.  The cost of extending the air ducts all the way into this room might not be practical or affordable for everyone.  What’s more, your furnace might not be designed for the new additional cubic feet of room added to the existing space.  The result might be an overworked furnace, which could lead to inefficiencies, higher heating bills, and even costly repair bills if something goes wrong.  In these situations, it is simply easier, safer, and less expensive to have a ductless heating or cooling system installed into the new room or add-on.  This way, the room can benefit from temperate HVAC control, by having its own separate system.

Another likely reason is for situations where air duct systems are impractical, impossible, or unnecessary.  There are many situations to which this might apply.  Temporary facilities, such as those you might find on a construction site, have no need for a permanent air duct system for heating.  There may also be hard to reach or isolated offices or rooms that would require a great length of ductwork to reach, especially in industrial facilities.  These make great places for ductless systems, which are easier to install and more affordable. Further, there are situations in which a ductless system might be more convenient, even if only for a shorter term

Smaller spaces can benefit greatly, where ductless systems can be effective.  This might include entire floors of a house, or a basement, and are an option when only specific areas need heating or cooling.  This is especially true for ductless cooling systems, which can help keep a living room cool in the summer without needing to worry about other rooms of the house. There are numerous other situations where a ductless heating or cooling system might be an option, and even beneficial, but it all depends on the situation.  Luckily, you can call the experts at Pro Ace, anytime, to get professional opinions and advice on ductless HVAC systems and whether or not they are right for you.

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