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Let’s Talk About HVAC Air Filters

Air filters are an important part of many HVAC systems, and there are several different types of air filters that you can use, each with benefits and drawbacks.  Air filters are not only about helping keep large particles out of the air, but also, more importantly, about protecting your HVAC equipment from debris that might clog or otherwise harm the system.  Depending on the type of filter, you are supposed to check them regularly.  This may be anywhere from monthly to quarterly, or other intervals.  But it is something to remember to do often.  Your technician will also check and clean or replace the air filter when he/she comes around for your annual service inspection – an important part of maintenance.

Disposable filters are the least expensive, usually, but are often not very efficient.  While they may make a good shorter term solution, the money will start to show as you buy additional replacement filters.  As well, with any decrease in efficiency, energy bills will go up, so the cost can be squeezing you on that end as well.  However, disposable filters are convenient in that there is very little effort required on your end.  Simply toss the dirty filter away at the end of the month, and replace it with a new one.

Permanent filters, on the other hand, last for many years, often even for the lifetime of your machine.  They are usually quite efficient, often much more so than disposable filters, giving you the long term benefit of reduced energy bills and a better functioning HVAC system.

There are a variety of different types and makes and models, such as electrostatic filters and fiberglass filters all of which require regular cleaning.  Cleaning is not a difficult or time consuming process, but it is important to stay on top of it and remember to get it done regularly.  Check the filter manual or manufacturer details for the exact amount of time you should allow between cleaning the filter, and for the proper method to clean your filter.  The filter is usually located in an easy-to-find, easy-to-reach part of the system, near the fan and the duct.  If you cannot remember how long it has been since you last cleaned the filter, you can pull it out and check.  You should be able to tell whether it is clean or not simply by looking at it.

Filters are often an under-appreciated part of your HVAC system that helps keep them running properly.  Even high grade air filters are not very expensive, and can have a very positive effect on your machines performance.

If you are curious about information regarding air filters, you can always contact an expert from Pro Ace to get more information Learn how different types of filters work, and how they can benefit your home heating or cooling units.  Sometimes the most expensive filter isn’t even the best option for you, so simply understanding the benefits that different filters provide can give you comfort and confidence in your HVAC system.