Fifteen Reasons to Clean Your Air Ducts

What are the health benefits of cleaning your airducts?

Air ducts need to be cleaned out regularly in order to ensure the well being of your home and comfort.  Pro Ace is happy to provide the service at a fair and reasonable price.

Fifteen reasons why you should have your duct system cleaned by Pro Ace:

1) Remove water and moisture buildup from air conditioner
2) Remove water from leaky pipes and discover source of leak
3) Remove soot and ash from your air circulation (especially if there has been a recent fire nearby)
4) Clean out dirt and dust buildup to help keep air clean
5) Increase air flow through your home, making temperatures more stable and balanced
6) Allows major appliances to operate more efficiently and use less energy
7) Reduce the amount of allergens in your home
8) Remove mold or fungus in duct system – especially in damp climates
9) Clears out any large foreign objects or debris in duct system
10) Removes any pests, animals, or insects from duct system
11) Increases life of HVAC systems by letting them operate more efficiently
12) Ensures that air circulates evenly to every room of your home
13) Inspects duct system for damages or any needed repairs
14) Prevents clogs that block air flow to parts of your home
15) Fast, easy, and affordable

Learn more about the benefits of airduct cleaning from our website.  To set up your appointment for an air duct cleaning, contact Pro Ace Heating today, at 604-293-3770.