What to do in a Home Heating Emergency


Winter is here in full force, as heavy snowfalls have come to Vancouver. And while it is something that no one would ever want to happen, it is important to consider the proper course of action in a home heating emergency during winter. Being able to stay calm and focused, and take the proper and immediate steps to minimize and repair the damage will go a long way to protect your home and your wallet.

Now, it should go without saying that prevention is always the best measure. Home heating systems, water boilers, furnaces, or other major heating system, should all be serviced regularly.

Service inspections are perfect for identifying potential problems and taking care of them before they get out of hand. With Pro Ace’s 40 point tablet checklist, you can get a detailed report about your system, and ensure it is ready to go another year without problems. And a regular service inspection is less expensive than an emergency repair call.

But emergencies do happen, and a sudden problem or failure can happen to anyone. When you have a home heating emergency, just take a moment and remember the do’s and don’ts to follow:

  • First, don’t panic. While a home heating emergency can be a serious inconvenience, it shouldn’t be a cause for hysteria. By staying calm and on top of the problem, you will be able to resolve it faster and easier than if you lose your focus or panic.
  • Next, do try to identify the problem – if you can. Not everyone is an expert on home heating systems, but if you have any idea what went wrong, it can help the repair technician get to the source of the problem faster and easier.
  • And don’t worry if you have no idea what is broken. If you aren’t sure what part of your heating system stopped working, you can call Pro Ace Heating and speak to a professional. By describing your situation he should be able to identify the problem and get moving towards a solution.
  • Do be prepared. It is always a great idea to have extra jackets, boots, flashlights, candles, and blankets around, to help keep warm while you wait for the emergency repairman to arrive and solve the problem. These things will help you stay warm.
  • Don’t procrastinate. A heating emergency in winter is something that cannot wait to be fixed. If you try to hold off on repairs for days, there is a serious risk of your pipes freezing, causing permanent damage and requiring expensive repairs. This is the reason you follow the next, most important DO below.
  • DO call Pro Ace Heating. Pro Ace Heating provided 24/7 emergency heating service, a trained and licensed expert can be on hand ready to assist you even in the middle of the night. By calling 604-293-3770, you can be sure that you are getting an true professional sent to your home, who will solve your heating problem and get you back to living warm and comfortably in no time.