Flood Lighting Options to Consider

Considering Flood Lighting

Flood lighting is an interesting but underused lighting solution for businesses and homes. An increasing number of residents of Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Langley, and Surrey are considering installing flood lighting systems for a variety of purposes. Vancouver residents are already familiar with flood lights from sports games — they’re used to illuminate the field at a BC Lions game — but flood lights can be useful in businesses and homes as well.

What are flood lights and what uses do they have?

– Flood lights are light fixtures that emit a large amount of bright white light, effectively illuminating a large area with only one or a few fixtures. They emit a very high lumen-to-watt ratio. They are increasingly made from LED (light emitting diode) technology.

– Flood lights are cost effective. They have few fixtures and few bulbs but emit a great deal of light. The fixtures are energy-efficient. They are a cost-effective solution for lighting up a large area.

– Flood lighting can be part of keeping a home or business secure. Flood lighting over an area discourages intruders or even animal predators. This can be especially useful in areas where the natural lighting is poor. Business owners can use flood lights as part of an overall security plan.

– Flood lighting can also be used to make parts of a home or businesses more usable. Flood lights over a pool or basketball court make it usable after dark. Flood lights over a porch may add hours a day to its usefulness.

If you think flood lighting might make sense for you, there are a variety of considerations that a Pro Ace electrician can guide you through. Making the right choices is essential to getting the most from your lighting fixture installation.

Considerations your Pro Ace electrician can discuss with you

Location: Where should the flood lights go? You want to fully illuminate the area without aggravating neighbours. Flood lights are powerful and can be invasive in the wrong place. They also need to be mounted high off of the ground.

Type of flood light: More and more lighting fixtures are available every day. A Pro Ace electrician will help you make the right choice for your needs, both the right flood light fixture and the right bulb. Many lights also have optional features such as a dusk-to-dawn sensor or a motion sensor that can make your lights more useful and efficient.

Finishes on the flood light fixture: You will want to pick a finish that blends smoothly with your existing decor.

Type of bulb: Incandescent? Fluorescent? Solar powered? There are so many types of bulbs available. Ask your Pro Ace electrician which type of bulbs best suit your situation.

Our Vancouver Lighting Electricians

Do you think flood lights could be the solution to your lighting problem? If you think flood lights could improve your home or business, Pro Ace electricians help residents of the Vancouver Area make smart lighting decisions. Our Vancouver electrical contractors are fully licensed and certified, so you know you’re getting expertise you can trust. They can help you select a lighting system, install it, and maintain it.

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