How to Easily Avoid Common Causes of Electrical Fires

Simple Steps to Prevent Electrical Fires for Homes & Businesses

A fire is the worst nightmare of any home or business owner. A few common mistakes cause a high percentage of electrical fires. Take these simple steps to protect your home or business and you’ll be glad that you did.

Keep Your Electrical System Up to Date and Well Maintained

Many residents of Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Langley and Surrey live in older homes and work in older businesses. These homes and businesses may have electrical systems that are older and less safe than newer systems. In addition, all electrical systems need regular maintenance.

Schedule an appointment to have your electrical system inspected, especially if your building is several decades old or older. A Pro Ace electrician knows how to evaluate parts of your electric system that aren’t obvious to an amateur.

Verify that Every Outlet is Grounded

Remember two-pronged outlets? The third prong is the ground prong. Ungrounded outlets are dangerous, and if you have any in your building, they need to be rewired. Ungrounded outlets are a major cause of electrical fire. Call a Pro Ace electrician to have any ungrounded outlets rewired.

Don’t Overload Your Electrical System

Your electrical system has a set capacity, and routinely overloading it is dangerous. Running too many electrical appliances at once can cause the system to overheat and spark a fire. A circuit breaker or fuse system is designed to prevent this, but if you frequently blow fuses or trip circuits, your system may be working too hard or may have a problem. If you find yourself tripping the breakers often, contact a Pro Ace electrician to take a look.

Watch the Extension Cords

Extension Cords can be a temporary solution to providing power in an inaccessible location, but they shouldn’t be used to replace safe, convenient electrical outlets. Rather than jury-rig a solution with a tangle of extension cords, contact a Pro Ace electrician to have outlets installed where they are accessible and convenient for your business or family.

Not all fires are preventable, but many are. A Pro Ace electrician can be a partner in keeping your home or business safe. Contact Pro Ace to have a licensed electrician assist you anywhere in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, or Langley.

Our Electrical Contractors in Vancouver BC

Do you think flood lights could be the solution to your lighting problem? If you think flood lights could improve your home or business, Pro Ace electricians help residents of the Vancouver Area make smart lighting decisions. Our Vancouver electrical contractors are fully licensed and certified, so you know you’re getting expertise you can trust. They can help you select a lighting system, install it, and maintain it.

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