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Furnace Service and Maintenance Coquitlam

If you are searching for furnace service, furnace tune up, or HVAC service, all roads lead to Pro Ace Heating.  We have been servicing forced air furnaces in Coquitlam and the Lower Mainland since 1995.  We are a full integrity company.  Pro Ace provides all customers with a detailed list of all servicing areas in your furnace.  And we provide all the costs of a full furnace servicing.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Coquitlam Expertise

The difference is in our many years of experience

All licensed gas fitters, our technicians conduct all makes and models of furnace servicing.  They begin with a multi-point inspection of your furnace.  And they provide our customers with a complete picture of their furnace’s current condition.  They then suggest various options for a complete furnace tune up.  This includes the reconditioning of worn parts and replacement of older parts.  Also the cleaning of built-up dirt, tightening of joints, and lubrication.  Everything is explained in detail and in writing.  For an expert, furnace servicing, contact Pro Ace Heating.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Coquitlam with a Friendly Face

Clear answers

Pro Ace goes beyond simple furnace servicing.  We also make every effort to forge strong and lasting relationships with our Coquitlam furnace owners.  We are available at a moment’s notice.  To answer questions and schedule furnace servicing visits.  We consider it just as important to answer in clear language all our Coquitlam customers’ concerns with their furnaces.  Whether the furnace is an older model or a new state of the art high efficiency furnace.  Clarity is just as important as our expertise and our efficiency.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Coquitlam Systems

How we eliminate potential mistakes

The head office tracks everything the technician does in real time.  As they say, “Two heads are better than one.”  This overview process serves to note any inconsistencies.  It also streamlines your furnace servicing to make sure it is done without error.  This process not only saves time.  By avoiding potential errors, it also saves our Coquitlam customers’ hard earned dollars.  It also serves to make sure the furnace servicing process proceeds with our customers’ safety in mind.

Why is regular servicing of my furnace important?

Furnace servicing is just as important as the regular servicing you do on your vehicle.  Regular furnace servicing keeps the filters clean.  It keeps the ducts and drain clear.  It makes sure the thermostat is operating properly.  And beyond these, that the electrical connections are tight, the belts are in good condition, and the motor is well-oiled.  These and other actions keep the furnace operating smoothly, safely, and efficiently.  They also serve to prevent expensive repairs or component replacements in the future.  Call Pro Ace Heating and we will design a regular servicing plan for your home furnace.  You won’t ever have to be concerned with it again.

How often should I service my furnace?

The B.C. Safety Authority recommends that all HVAC systems be serviced once a year.  A regular home furnace servicing and maintenance will keep your furnace in good condition.  And ensure a constant supply of heat.  In addition, it will keep your furnace safe, which is priority one.

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