Furnace Service and Maintenance

For your annual home forced air system service inspection, no one does it better than Pro Ace Heating. Your annual service inspection means that a qualified professional will check over every part of your furnace.  It’s recommended by safety authurity to service your gas appliances, including your furnace once a year.  At Pro Ace ,we find any problems and give you an opportunity to deal with them before they snowball into costly repairs.  An HVAC unit inspection will also check for any leaks—gas or carbon monoxide—which, if left unattended, could be potentially dangerous.

But your home inspection goes much further than that.  It will help clean and optimize your furnace so that it is running more efficiently and effectively.  This will cut down on your monthly gas bill, and increase the life of your furnace.  A proper inspection will ensure that your system is running at its peak performance – as recommended by the manufacturer.

Pro Ace heating and air conditioning furnace service and maintenance  

The B.C Safety Authority and FortisBC both recommend an annual home furnace servicing.  Your home furnace is the source of your heating comfort year-round.  But its efficient running factors into your home security and safety.  An annual home furnace servicing, with a licensed technician, is necessary to ensure that your furnace does not cause you any problems.

Pro Ace heating and air conditioning service and maintenance offer:

1.        Printed/emailed report, using our exclusive digital mobile technology. No handwritten invoice.
2.       We are licensed, Insured and bonded with years of experience.
3.       Honest and reasonable pricing, no surprising prices when dealing with our techs. 
4.       If there is any issue with our work, we will back at no charge to fix it.
5.       We have been in business over 23 years we have over 80,000 clients in Metro Vancouver are.
6.       We schedule a time that is most convenient for you and we arrive on-time.
7.       No surprising prices when dealing with us. 
8.       Most reliable service and maintenance.

Our #1 Goal:

Our goal is to Keep our customers extremely happy. We always try our best to make sure that when we leave your house you are satisfied and feel like we have gone the extra mile to serve you. It is a privilege to serve you and we want to always be your first choice for all your heating and air conditioning needs. 

What does a Pro Ace Heating service and maintenance visit involve?

  • Reviewing operation of safety limit controls
  • Gauging temperature set points
  • Check operation of thermostat
  • Examine vent connector and inspect entire venting system and termination
  • Lubricate blower and motor bearings
  • Clean and inspect blower assembly
  • Testing blower speed and operation
  • Check pressure switches and vent blower (if applicable)
  • Inspect burners and clean if required
  • Examine Heat exchanger for cracks or holes
  • Gauging and adjust pilot
  • Testing flame rectification
  • Measure stack (flue) temperature
  • Measuring gas piping to furnace
  • Checking for Gas Leaks
  • Test for Carbon Monoxide
  • …And more!

The furnaces that we service include Trane energy efficient furnace, Carrier energy saving gas furnace, Rheem Efficient Direct Spark Ignition Furnace, American Standard efficient furnace, and Goodman furnaces.

Pro Ace Heating is the only company that can offer a comprehensive Multi-points electronic tablet report. This allows you to see exactly how your furnace is functioning, and clearly illustrates how and where Pro Ace Heating can help you with your furnace maintenance and service needs.  We are the only company in the lower mainland to make use of digital high tech system for your home furnace inspection.

Contact Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning with your questions about furnace service, furnace maintenance, gas furnace service, gas furnace maintenance, HVAC unit service, and HVAC unit maintenance.

Questions you may have:

How much is the cost of servicing my furnace?

When servicing your furnace, it is very important to hire a furnace company with complete integrity.  Such a furnace company will ask you questions about your furnace (age, condition, and so on) in order to begin to design a detailed estimate of your servicing cost.  They will then conduct a thorough diagnosis of your furnace system to assess its current condition, ideally at least a 40 point inspection.  The will then be able to present you with a detailed report describing the condition of all the main components, what should be replaced, what should be repaired, and so on, with a precise charge attached to each.  Pro Ace technicians are not only trained and licensed, they are skilled in the art of customer relations, easy to talk to, clear in their explanations, and truly caring about our customers’ HVAC unit concerns.  They will explain why in some cases it is cheaper in the long run to replace certain components rather than repair them for the short term cost savings.  And they will be able to present you with some options regarding parts and other issues.

What is involved in a furnace service?

A complete checklist in a regular furnace servicing will include about Multi items.  Among other components, the technician will inspect the vent system (for leaks and blockages), the heat exchanger (for corrosion or cracks), the blower (for dirt and debris), the air intake grills (for blockages), the electrical connections, the flue (for obstructions), the belts (for signs of wear and tear), the air filter (for dirt), and the seal on the blower access door.  The technician will also perform various tests on the blower motor, the thermostat, safety controls, start-up cycle, the burner and the flame sensor.  The technician will also lubricate various areas in the motor.  A gas furnace requires a few extra checks, including the thermocouple if applicable , the combustion gases, the ignition, the fuel lines, and the manifold gas pressure.  Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning is always ready to explain any of these operations to everyone who has questions about furnace service and furnace maintenance.

How often should I get my furnace serviced?

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning recommends servicing your furnace once a year.  As you can see from the question and answer above, there are many areas of your furnace that will tend to build up dirt, grime, or debris during its normal course of operation.  And other areas, the belts in particular, will have a tendency to wear down.  But perhaps the most important issue is regular lubrication.  Without regular lubrication, the motor components will wear down much more quickly, costing you needlessly in the ensuing years.  Contact Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning for any furnace servicing and furnace maintenance questions.

How does servicing my furnace save me money?

Regular servicing of your furnace will catch the build-up of dirt or debris, the deterioration of the belts, and the malfunction of various furnace components before they cause any damage to your furnace unit.  In addition, a regular servicing of your furnace will maintain lubrication of the motor to keep it running smoothly.  It is important to keep all the working parts of your furnace in servicing and maintenance mode as opposed to repair and replace modes.  Regular furnace service and maintenance will minimize if not prevent the need for furnace repair and postpone furnace replacement.  Saving you a lot of money.

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