Money Saving Energy Tips

Going green isn’t only about preserving the planet and our environment, but it is also about saving money. Pro Ace is here to provide you with a plethora of options to ‘Go Green’ with your home heating and cooling. These ideas are great for reducing your energy consumption, which will help the planet and also save you money on energy costs. It’s win-win!

  1. Ensure that your home is properly insulated! Whether cold air leaking outside from the air conditioner in the summer, or warm air escaping in the winter – proper insulation in your home means that you use less energy to keep your house at the desired temperature.
  2. High efficiency heating appliances! Make sure that your next furnace, boiler, water tank, and other HVAC appliance is high efficiency. High efficiency products are often a little more expensive when you first buy them, but save you money back on energy bills over their lifetime.
  3. Programmable thermostat! This one is simple and convenient – a programmable thermostat can automatically turn heat down at certain times, for when you are out of your home. It will keep energy bills down and your home at the desired temperature when you want it.
  4. Cleaning your air ducts! Air ducts are dramatically less efficient when they get more and more filled over time, allowing less air to pass through. By cleaning them out, you increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. This goes for dryer ducts as well for your laundry machine.
  5. Consider a tankless water heater! Tankless water heater systems heat water directly en route to the faucet, rather than constantly consuming energy to keep a supply of water heated. This is more efficient and saves energy. Tankless systems also last much longer than conventional water tanks, so you don’t need to replace them every six years.
  6. Heat Pumps! Heat pumps take outside air and convert it into warm or cool air for your home. They are incredibly efficient, using electricity instead of gas to do the conversion, and work great in moderate climates (like right here in the lower mainland). Heat pumps can dramatically reduce the amount of work that your furnace has to do for most months of the year, while keeping your home comfortable.
  7. Keep your HVAC systems properly maintained! This means a regular tune-up from a trained technician, who will diligently ensure that your machine is working properly and effectively. By keeping all your devices in top working order, you will be making sure that everything is as efficient and energy-saving as possible for your system.

There’s lots of other ways to go green around your home, but we hope that we gave you some ideas. Efficiency is the name of the game, not only to relieve pressure on the power grid and gas supplies, but also to keep those monthly bills low. And the benefits will be evident in your home as well, with modern efficient systems and the benefits of cutting edge HVAC technology at your disposal. Contact Pro Ace Heating and Plumbing for more information.