Don’t Live with Dirty Air — Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Health & Air Duct Cleaning

Health is important to families in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, Richmond, and Surrey. We have some of the best outdoor air quality in the world. But are we paying enough attention to our indoor air quality?

Scientists say that almost half of all illnesses come from indoor air. Because indoor air is trapped, it’s much more toxic than outdoor air, and an average house is home to over 40 million dust mites. Stop breathing stale air. Take action now to protect yourself and your family against dust mites, bacteria , mold, dander and mildew by having your ducts professionally cleaned.

Air Duct Cleaning is Efficient

Over the course of the year, bacteria, mold, dander, and other contaminates have made themselves at home in your house, and have become trapped in your duct work. Air circulating through the ducts will move these pests around your home, where they can make you sick, especially if you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, asthma, or a depressed immune system. Having your air ducts clean can remove up to 97% of these harmful airborne contaminates.

Cleaning Air Ducts Makes Life Easier for the HVAC System

If you’re like most homeowners, your furnace is one of the biggest ticket items in your home. Your heating bill is also a major concern. Clean ducts mean your furnace won’t have to work as hard to achieve the same results. That saves wear and tear on your furnace while also putting a dent in your heating bill.

Air Duct Cleaning is Particularly Important for Family Members with Allergies

If anyone in your family suffers from any respiratory concern — allergies, asthma, environmental sensitivity — it’s important he or she breathes air that is as clean as possible. Dust and dander hidden in your home’s duct work is circulating five to seven times a day.

Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Uses the Latest Technology

At Pro Ace, we’re committed to integrating technology to give you the best possible service. We use a camera to show you your ducts before and after the cleaning, so you’ll see the difference right away. We use powerful 56 HZ suction and 240 psi when we’re cleaning. We’re so confident in our service, we offer all duct cleaning customers a two year warranty.

Are you ready to make your home a cleaner, more pleasant environment? Pro Ace offers duct cleaning services & air filters to home and business customers throughout Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, and Langley. Pro Ace is based in Burnaby, BC. Contact Pro Ace at 604-293-3770 to speak to an HVAC expert about duct cleaning or any other concern.