Importance of Hot Water Tank Maintenance

Keeping Your Hot Water Tank in Top Condition

Your hot water heater is one of the most expensive, and important, pieces of equipment in your home — no one wants to be stuck without the ability to take a warm shower. But when was the last time you showed your hot water tank a little TLC? Many consumers in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, and Langley don’t realize that their hot water tank needs some regular Hot Water Tank Maintenance from a professional to keep it performing at top level.

Maintenance 101

Over time, ordinary debris builds up in a hot water tank. That build-up makes the tank less efficient, and shortens its life. To get the best performance from your tank, enlist a professional to flush out that harmful build-up. Flushing mineral debris, algae, bacteria, and dirt from a water heater can significantly extend its life as well as increase the quantity and temperature of domestic hot water the heater provides.

Stop Problems Before They Start

Having your water heater maintained can save on hot water tank repairs and prevent ordinary problems, problems you may not even be aware of. An unmaintained water heater is less efficient; It burns more gas than it needs. Once your water heater has been flushed, it will burn less gas. It will also avoid being under or over fired.

Up Your Energy Efficiency

The hot water heater is one of the major energy users in an average home. Flushing it out can make it more efficient, preventing energy from being wasted. Saving energy is as good as saving money, and it’s environmentally friendly, too.

Keep Your Home Safe

Most of your major household appliances should be looked over by a professional on a regular basis, and the hot water tank is no exception. A professional can avoid gas leaks and ensure that your water heater has perfect combustion. This routine care not only keeps your heater operating efficiently, but also prevents possibly dangerous situations from developing.

Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

Is there anything homeowners like less than an unexpected costly repair? Hot water tank repairs are expensive and usually inconvenient, too. Regular maintenance can stop most problems before they get a chance to develop into a serious and expensive affair. It’s a small cost now to save a big cost later. Even better, maintenance can be performed at the time most convenient to you. You won’t be caught by surprise if you make time to look after your hot water heater now.

Pro Ace Heating and Cooling employs HVAC and plumbing professionals who know the value of routine maintenance, and who are committed to using the newest technology to keep your system in good condition. Pro Ace is based in Burnaby, and provides both maintenance and emergency HVAC and plumbing service to homes and businesses throughout Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Langley, and Surrey.