Energy Efficient Cooling in Vancouver: Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps, Energy Efficient Cooling in Vancouver

Pro Ace Heating and Cooling in Vancouver BC are starting to feel the effects of July: sweltering heat paired with humid air. Luckily for you, Pro Ace Heating and Cooling is has a great heat pump rebates in Vancouver to help you simmer down this summer!

Heat Pumps are More Efficient than Air Conditioners

heat pump is a mechanical refrigeration system that provides cooling and can be reversed to provide heating. Heat pump technology has advanced greatly year-upon-year so today you can get great heating and cooling efficiency at a very low cost compared to older technology.

Heat pumps are often a more efficient alternative to air conditioners and at Pro Ace Heating and Cooling we offer many options when investing in a new heat pump over your old A/C and gas furnace.

Heating and Cooling, Combined!

Heat pumps are an incredible friend to have in the long summer months especially in a climate like Vancouver, where a heat pump will inevitably save you on both heating and cooling your Vancouver home. You will save money on gas that normally heats homes via a furnace. Easy to maintain and it is also a much greener alternative to furnaces and air conditioners — more space efficient too!

Pro Ace Heating and Plumbing offer free consultation and estimates and a certified technician will even come to your home to guide you through the process.

Heat Pump Prices: one year no interest, no payments

With high efficiency heat pump units and a payment plan from Pro Ace, we have heating and cooling solutions that are kind to your wallet.

While the initial investment of a heat pump is a bit extra, in the long run a heat pump will save you money as it heats and cools your home more efficiently. Pro Ace payment plans can save you a lot of money over a long period of time with extended warranty options available.

For all new installations, Pro Ace Heating wants to offer you our amazing financing plan. Pro Ace Heating and Cooling in Vancouver BC offers one whole year with no interest and no payments!  This financing plan only takes a minute to apply, and almost every homeowner qualifies, and is designed to meet your budget.

Pro Ace also offers many rebates on Heat Pumps, different units all year round. For more information give Pro Ace a call today at 604-293-3770.

Why Choose Pro Ace Heating and Cooling

Pro Ace Heating and Cooling is the right choice for all your heating and cooling needs. When it comes to HVAC  installation, repairs, or maintenance in Vancouver, we can’t be beat. We offer all the services you need, including air duct cleaning and HEPA filters along with our industry leading HVAC repairs and installations.

Pro Ace Heating and Cooling understands you’re busy so we work with you in order to make sure all your needs are met — ensuring you receive the best possible service in the HVAC service industry.

Pro Ace even goes above and beyond and does emergency no heat calls 24 hours, 7 days a week, so we’re always here whenever you or someone you know requires heating or cooling services in a rush!