Vancouver Air Conditioning Installations

Vancouver Air Conditioning Installations

There are many benefits within an air conditioning environment. Humans are easily susceptible to higher temperatures, often making them irritable, more easily tired, less mentally alert and all around less efficient at any task they may be doing, therefore a lack of air conditioning is conducive of poor performance.

Pro Ace Heating and Mechanical in Vancouver BC understands the difficulty of trying to run a home during those scorching summer months. Why not call Pro Ace a call today and get a free estimate on installation, service, and maintenance of your air conditioning system?

Air Conditioning Benefits

  1. Air conditioners can prevent allergens from entering, as long as your ducts are clean and your A/C filter is too.
  2. “Air-Conditioning America”, a book by Gail Cooper, cites a 1957 survey in which 90% of American firms named cooled air as the single biggest boost to their productivity.
  3. Air Conditioners also double as dehumidifiers. This especially useful if you live in a very damp climate, for instance, beautiful B.C.’s modern staple, Vancouver.
  4. Having an A/C in your home precludes any need of opening windows and doors to circulate air. In fact, all this does is bring more warm air into the air that also carries many nuisance pests.
  5. High efficiency heat pump technology allows us to now have highly inexpensive units, which can cool your house throughout the day without your wallet draining in size. Pro Ace has many units to choose from to install or repair.
  6. As convenience would have it, all systems come with a temperature gauge that can even be set to heat your homes as well. Digital and analogue models are available.

Why do you need HEPA filter installed?

Pro Ace Heating and Mechanical in Vancouver BC  believes that a good, clean home requires good, clean air, air that has passed through a fresh filter numerous times to really sift through the grime and bacteria that’s found in our everyday air. Your home deserves to have clean, pure, breathable air.

Installing a HEPA filter will benefit all ages of residents: the clean air that’s provided to you will not harm anyone in your home, even those who are more susceptible to allergens and pollutants among other particulates. Pro Ace would like you to ensure that you’re using the most out of your A/C unit.

Why do you need Air Conditioning maintenance this summer?

Regular air conditioner maintenance including  annual duct cleaning is crucial to increase efficiency and productivity of your unit. This will inevitably save you money on cooling your home, increase the longevity or your unit and prevent any inconvenient and costly breakdowns. recommends yearly servicing and pre-season checkups.

Pro Ace covers everything from air conditioning installation to servicing. Pro Ace has qualified and field experienced technicians who have both the technical and people skills that make Pro Ace Cooling stand out from the competitors.

Call Pro Ace in Vancouver for your repairs, service, or installation of your air conditioner.

If you have a problem, Pro Ace Pro Ace Heating and Mechanical is here to answer the call 24/7 — for all your no heat, no cooling emergencies.