Home Water Heating – Hot Water Tank Saving Tips & Suggestions for your Home

We’ve already talked about the benefits and differences between tankless water heater systems and traditional hot water tanks, but let’s take a more in-depth look at some suggestions for getting water heating in your home just right.  There are a lot of simple but important things that you can do to reduce your monthly costs on water heating, and a handful of useful tidbits to keep in mind when using hot water in your home.

How to Reduce Monthly Costs on Water Heating – Saving Tips!

It might come as no surprise to you, but around one-fifth of your average home energy bill is spent on on water heating. While that may not seem like a lot from month to month, it can quickly add up over time, and saving a little money here and there can really add up down the road.

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1) Use Cold Water for Laundry Cleanings

One simply suggestion to save money on hot water is to use cold water for laundry.  Your laundry machine is one of the biggest consumers of hot water in your home, and heating water for laundry may not be the most efficient use of energy.  By having a cold water laundry system, you can cut down on hot water and energy use.

 2) Check and Replace Leaky Faucets and Taps

Another tip is to check for leaky faucets and taps.  They are more than just a minor irritation – they are a noticeable waste of energy.  Having a repair done is quick and easy, and can save you money that might otherwise drip down the drain.

 3) Low Flow Shower Heads for Showers

The bathroom is also a great place to save money on hot water.  Low flow shower heads will allow you to still get a fantastic morning shower, but by consuming a great deal less water.  It is an energy efficient technology that can really help cut down on costs.  Also, cutting down on shower and bath times is another small thing that can add up to energy savings.

4) The Right Hot Water Tank to Heat Your Home – Ask an Expert!

For new home constructions, it is always important that you get the right tool for the job.  A hot water tank is no exception.  A small family with too large of a tank, or a large family with too small of a tank could mean problems.  For a single person or couple, a 40-gallon tank in your home in often enough.  A couple with a child may want a 50 gallon tank or larger.  With two or more children, you may need larger than a 60 gallon tank in order to adequately meet your hot water needs.  For more information on what size water tank suits your home, talk to a Pro Ace Heating professional for free advice.


Having a great hot water system to keep your home supplied in an important necessity in life.  And paying too much or wasting energy on wasted hot water is something that can easily be avoided.  With energy efficient solutions and simple suggestions that save time and money, there’s a lot of ways to cut costs and save money, while using less energy.

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