Pro Ace Heating: Burnaby Heating Repair & Mainenance

Pro Ace Heating Burnaby: HVAC Maintenance

According to Pro Ace Heating Burnaby, maintaining your HVAC system not only protects other people in the structure from being uncomfortable, but it also protects this expensive equipment. Consider the following tips when maintaining the air comfort within your structure:

  • Be aware of any musty odours coming from the unit.
  • Ask everyone in the structure, be it a business or a residential building, to report all air quality issues to you.
  • Take all complaints about air quality seriously and act on them immediately.
  • Check the air vents for pollutants such as mold that may be entering into the structure.

Beyond just keeping these things checked accordingly, also conduct routine maintenance on the HVAC unit. Not only does this practice help keep the costs of replacement of parts of the entire unit down, but there is also evidence that utility bills will also see a reduction. According to many professionals, the following tips will help preserve and maintain your HVAC system:

  • Disposal Filters should be replaced once between every one to six months. Routine inspections will help determine if they should be replaced or not.
  • At least once per year, the condenser coils and evaporator should be cleaned. This is typically where mold grows.
  • The bearings, belts, and fan should be thoroughly inspected once per year in order to help preserve the unit.
  • Twice per year, you should inspect the area surrounding the air intake. This is where water typically pools and mold grows as a result.
  • Once every year, fix all the leads found in the supply duct as well as the cabinet. At the same time, make adjustments to and clean the unit’s dampers.
  • Every two years, the air ducts should be cleaned. To help keep track of when this is done, suggests Pro Ace Heating Burnaby, keep a maintenance notebook in a plastic bag taped inside the unit’s door.

Pro Ace Heating Burnaby: Tenant Communication

Pro Ace Heating Burnaby stands by its commitment to helping keep HVAC units in proper working condition and maintained so they last for years. If tenants report issues with the air quality in their dwelling, this can’t be ignored. Call upon professionals, such as Pro Ace Heating Burnaby, to help solve this problem. Not only will they provide you with the best possible service, Pro Ace Heating Burnaby will do so promptly.