How do you ensure a healthy furnace service life?

North Vancouver Furnace Maintenance Tips

How do you ensure that you are getting good heating service from your furnace in your home in North Vancouver?

Change your air filter

The best way to ensure good heating service is to change your air filter every two or three months regardless of how it looks. The filter gets clogged with dirt, restricting the air flow. Filters can be bought through Pro Ace.

Annual Furnace Maintenance

Also, have annual maintenance on a furnace that is more than 2 years old. (Recommended by BC Safety Authority once a year) If your furnace is newer, understand your warranty, what it covers and for what period of time. Finally, call an expert when your heating service is not up to par.

Professional Furnace Service Help

Get the heating service you want in North Vancouver with the help of Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Ltd. Pro Ace Heating & Cooling has the experts on hand to guarantee a tip-top heating service. They provide quick service to all areas of North Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.