Importance of Regular Furnace Service

Getting Regular Furnace Service & Maintenance

Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Ltd. offers premium furnace service & maintenance to the Richmond area.

Is your furnace ready for winter? Whether it is cleaning ducts, checking for natural gas leaks or checking for fire hazards, itʼs important to call in the experts from Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Ltd. for regular, yearly furnace service. Otherwise, the most important appliance in your house is apt to kick out when you need it most.

FortisBC Recommendations

FortisBC recommends regular furnace service. “Too few furnaces get attention until they malfunction, like at the worst possible time – during the winter heating rush when the temperature drops and contractorsʼ time is at a premium,” Ian Turnbull, damage prevention and emergency services manager at FortisBC, said in a news release. “This can add up to a big expense or worse, create an unsafe situation for the homeʼs occupants.”

Annual furnace service will help maintain healthy air quality by preventing appliances from creating carbon monoxide. Service will also help appliances last longer and can determine if a furnace is running at optimal efficiency to help save on heating costs.

Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Ltd. has 24/7 emergency service in the Richmond area but why wait for an emergency? Get furnace service now and be ready for winter.

Professional Furnace Repairs in Richmond BC

Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Ltd. can be at your doorstep in minutes in the Richmond, Delta, and across the Vancouver Lower Mainland for furnace repairs.  Contact Pro Ace today at 604-293-3770!