Saving Money on Your Dryer System

Ways to save money on your clothes dryer bill

Every single time that you use your dryer, lint builds up in the dryer duct system.  The lint trap captures much of the excess lint, but some still finds its way into your vent, and it builds up more and more over time.  And as the duct system gets more lint inside of it, the airflow gets reduced and less and less hot air makes its way into the drying cycle.  And as it builds up, not only does it make your dryer less efficient, it also becomes a leading cause of fire in your home. You might have noticed this reduced air flow effect on your dryer system.  Some clothes dryer repair telltale signs that you have lint build up include: clothing taking longer to dry, clothing covered in lint, your dryer getting hot, warmth and moisture in the laundry room when using the dryer, and burnt smells.  If you notice any of these, it’s probably time to get your duct system cleaned out – something that Pro Ace does all the time.  It’s quick and easy to have our professionals come over, and you’ll notice the difference right away.  The time to dry will be shorter, you will get more clothes dry in fewer loads, and you notice your machine functioning better.  And because dryer use is a major part of your energy bill, you will notice the savings right on your first energy bill – it pays for itself before the year is over.  And by keeping the dryer running more efficiently and smoothly, it reduces the risk of needing repairs later on. The other great way to save money on your dryer system by reducing your energy bill is to install a dryer vent booster.  The longer a duct system is, the less efficiently air flows to the dryer.  This is also true for winding dryer systems with a lot of curves and bends, which greatly reduce the airflow of the system.  This could mean that by the time the air reaches your dryer, it is less hot and flowing much weaker than it could be, and this adds up on your energy bill by forcing you to run your dryer for longer periods of time and making you run multiple dryer cycles for the same load. A dryer vent booster is the solution.  It’s not expensive, and by having one installed, it will greatly increase the airflow into the dryer, making it more efficient and effective at drying your clothes – even if the duct system is long or full of bends and corners.  The booster is a special type of fan that will accelerate the hot air in the vent, ensuring that more of it makes it to your dryer, faster and more efficiently than without.  And because they are so easily affordable and have a good life expectancy, the savings will outweigh the cost over the life of the product. Pro Ace Heating and air conditioning  has experts that can answer any questions you have about your dryer system, and can offer consultations or estimates if you are looking for dryer duct service.  Get in touch with us if you need more information.