The Nine Big Benefits of Tablet Technology

What is Tablet Technology

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning offers you the 9 big benefits of table technology and is the first and only heating company in British Columbia making use of digital tablets.  Our trained technicians bring them for every service inspection to ensure that Pro Ace customers get the best service possible.  And using the digital tablet technology provides us and our clients with nine big benefits:

  1. Our detailed 20-point service inspection is contained on the tablets.  The 20 point inspection is even more thorough and in depth than the one used by BC Fortis to ensure the best inspection in the province.
  2. Step-by-step procedure.  Our licensed technicians and customers can see every part of our inspection, to ensure that they cover everything and never miss a step.  And thanks to the tablet, we can oversee each step taken from the head office.
  3. Honesty and transparency.  The tablet can show our customers exactly what each service offers to the customer, and how it benefits their HVAC system; so they can see what we are doing and how it helps.
  4. Monitoring our technicians in real time.  This means that we can check up on them at every moment and see what they are doing to ensure that they are doing the job properly and on time.
  5. Consulting the experts.  Our technicians can use the tablet system to directly consult our senior technicians at the head office, so they can get a second opinion from a fellow professional.
  6. Eliminating mistakes that our competitors would miss.  Whenever there is a discrepancy between the tablet report and the head office, we can quickly double check and correct any error that might otherwise go unnoticed by a different company.
  7. Efficient and portable.  Tablets allow our professionals to stay more organized than our rivals, and allow them to have instant access to a huge volume of information, instantly at their disposal thanks to the tablet.
  8. Cutting edge technology.  Thanks to the tablet, we are always one step ahead.  We can get information to our technicians faster, solve problems easier, and keep them updated with head office better than anyone else.
  9. Detailed customer report.  Finally, our detailed customer report is printed off and given to the customer at the end of every service and maintenance visit. The report details everything our technicians did, and lets the customer know the exact status of their home heating system.

Tablets are one of the biggest reasons why Pro Ace Heating is a better company than the rest.  It’s a great new technology that offers us and our clients a real advantage that makes a difference in the way heating inspections are done.  It gives our technicians a powerful new tool that makes sure that every Pro Ace service call is done properly and is the most detailed in the business.  When combined with our trained service technicians and their years of experience, and a known and trusted company that has been in business for seventeen years, it is a winning combination