Seven Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill over Summer

Ways to lower your energy bill in the summer

You might be using less energy because it is warm outside, but lots of people miss these easy opportunities to save money on their energy bill.  Even during the hot months of the year when you don’t need to constantly run your furnace, there’s no reason to miss out on savings. Here are seven tips to bring down summer energy bills:

  1. If using an air conditioner or heat pump to cool your home, take the time to make sure that your house is properly insulated.  Just like hot air escaping in the winter, cool air will be lost to the outside if your home is poorly insulated.  And for the most cooling efficiency, keep windows and doors closed when running an air conditioner.
  2. Use a high efficiency water heater, or have one installed.  Hot water is still used often in the summer, and a high efficiency water tank ensures that your water is heated without consuming the large amounts of energy that older, less efficient tanks consume.  And since most hot water tanks need to be replaced every six to twelve years, summer is a great time to get it done.
  3. Or better yet . . . get a tankless water heater system installed.  They are even more efficient than hot water tanks, and will greatly lower your energy bill, and have the benefit of lasting twenty years or more without needing to be replaced.  And regardless of your water heating system, remember to avoid wasting hot water, and turn of the tap when you aren’t using it.
  4. Consider repainting your house to a brighter colour.  A house painted in dark shades will absorb more light from the sun, and thus get warmer.  A lighter coloured home will reflect more light, keeping you cooler and reducing air conditioner energy consumption.  And try closing the drapes on the bright sides of your home.
  5. Have your air conditioner installed to a central location in your home.  If it is installed far away, it takes longer for the cool air to find its way to you, and it will consume more energy.  Ask us for advice about where an air conditioner should be installed in your home.  And remember that hot air rises, and cool air sinks, so expect lower levels of your home to be cooler than upstairs.
  6. Service and Maintenance your existing air conditioner.  This one is too often overlooked, and makes a huge difference that pays for itself by avoiding repairs (no one wants a broken air conditioner in the heat of summer), and reducing energy bills by making it more efficient and operating properly.
  7. And remember to turn off appliances, lights, and systems that are not in use.  Even though it is summer, it shouldn’t be an excuse to be wasteful.  Don’t leave energy consuming systems on if they aren’t being used, and remember to shut them down if going on a long trip or vacation.

If you want more advice, contact Pro Ace Heating for additional ideas to keep energy bills down.