Surrey Heating Services: getting the most from your thermostat

Dependable Surrey Heating Services

With Surrey growing by leaps and bounds, so is the need for reliable heating service which Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Ltd in Surrey BC is well equipped to provide.

With Surrey being one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada and the fastest growing city in Metro Vancouver, the need for a quality, affordable heating service is greater here than ever before. A dependable heating service is as essential as food on the table and gas in the car for a road trip in the cold winter months. Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Ltd. has an excellent understanding of the complex Surrey landscape and is an experienced provider of heating service. Such a service will help you optimize heating and cooling systems, minimize heat loss and provide many other important savings.

Importance of thermostat temperature accuracy

Here is a pointer from B.C. Hydro to help you get started: The utility advises that you should heat your building to a maximum of 21 degrees C (70 degrees F) when occupied, 16 C (61 F) when unoccupied. A good heating service can help you achieve this with a high degree of accuracy. Heating service covers a wide gamut, including everything from thermostats to furnace repairs and boiler repairs and air duct cleaning. The average homeowner would be hard-pressed to ensure all these systems are running in tip-top shape on their own. It takes a professional to know what makes things tick. Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Ltd. will offer first-rate heating service to the expanding community of Surrey.

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