5 Tips To Keep Drafts Out This Winter

How To Keep Winter Drafts Out

Keeping drafts in your home is a big part of not only wasting heat but also money. Making sure your furnace is working properly is most important and regular maintenance can offer much longer lifetime to the unit. If you haven’t yet had a winter furnace service done, it’s important before the cold really sets in to do so. If you have questions about winter servicing for your furnace, just give our office a call. We’d be happy to help you.

In addition to having a well operating furnace, there are also small things that you can do to keep drafts out.

Keeping Drafts Out

  1. Lined Curtains – These curtains can help to block out drafts from older windows and also from the cold that is felt from the glass itself. Also called thermal curtains, they have a lining in most cases on the outer side of the fabric. The materials used on the actual curtain also is heavier and the extra weight helps to block drafts.

  2. Cover Flooring – If you live in a house that sits close to the ground, then you know just how cold tile or even hardwood floors can get in the winter. since hot air rises, the floor is always colder and drafty in areas. Adding area rugs to the room can help to keep that cold down and your toes warm.

  3. Heated Blankets – These aren’t your grandmother’s old scratchy style! There are some lovely, plush electric blankets available today. They are great to use snuggled up in front of the TV and using one on your bed let’s you turn down the heat.

  4. Door Snakes – These are those double sided foam which slide under the door and trap drafts. They work really well and you’d be surprised how much air slips under a door.

  5. Check Window Caulking – It’s actually pretty simple to remove the old caulking from a window and replace it yourself. You’ll want to be sure you have the right type as there are also for bathrooms and other areas of the home. Be sure to get the caulking for windows. There are even some really handy tools you can probably find at your local hardware store to help. Tools to remove the caulking and also ones to help you make sure the new seal is smooth and evenly applied. They don’t cost too much either.

An extra tip to help brighten your day!

Let The Sun Shine In. Most drafts happen at the side of the window near the edge. If you have windows that face the afternoon sun, opening them just enough to let some sunshine in can warm up a room and make your day a little brighter!

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