Five Air Conditioner Tips for Spring

Five Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for Vancouver Spring
Spring is here, which means that the weather is getting nicer.  But it wont be long before the summer heat takes hold, and when that happens you can expect your air conditioner to be working hard for months on end.  Before you put your AC to work in your home, here are five tips from Pro Ace:

1. Make sure that your air conditioner has been serviced recently (within the last year).  An annual inspection can reduce the chance of needing repairs and keep the machine running efficiently.

 2. Remember to clean the filters.  Dirty filters can reduce effectiveness and wear out the air conditioner faster.  Different filters need to be cleaned at different intervals – check the manual.

 3. Consider installing a high efficiency unit.  A high efficiency air conditioner will save you money on energy bills over the summer, and be better for the environment.

 4. Avoid keeping warm appliances next to the air conditioner – such as hot plates or warm lamps, as this can reduce the efficiency that the air conditioner heats your home.

 5.  Have the air ducts cleaned.  By keeping the air ducts clean, you will reduce the dirt and dust in the air, which inevitable finds its way into your air conditioner filter – requiring a cleaning.

Have a great spring, and remember to Contact Pro Ace for any advice about your air conditioner maintenance in Vancouver or Greater Vancouver Area!