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Boiler Repair Warning Indicators

Your boiler is a major HVAC appliance and one of the most important parts of your home.  It is absolutely vital to your home heating and comfort, and provides an invaluable service.  But likely any piece of machinery, there is always the possibility of something breaking down or going wrong. Pro Ace in Vancouver would like to share some of the major warning indications on your boiler, so that you can solve a problem or contact an expert before a simple repair becomes a large one, and before a small problem becomes an emergency.

These are the 7 big warning indicators that your boiler is in need of a repair:

  1. Water Leaks.  If there is water leaking from anywhere in your boiler system, that is indicative of a problem.  Whether it is a faulty or damaged pipe, or the boiler system is in need of fundamental repairs, a water leak is never a good thing.
  2. Steam or Gas Leaks.  If you notice any air or gas escaping the system, it is important to shut the valve off immediately for safety.  Again, whether it is a damaged pipe or the boiler itself, this problem is a big deal, and it is important to get a professional on the scene as soon as possible.
  3. No Hot Water.  If you are not getting any hot water, this may or may not indicate a problem with the boiler system.  If you are unable to deduce what is causing the problem, you may want to call an expert at Pro Ace for a free consultation to describe the problem and figure out what is going on.
  4. Strange Noises.  Anything that sounds like clunking, choking, squealing, or other unusual noise is usually a major indication that there is some kind of problem.  If the noises persist or continue, there is likely a repair needed.
  5. Boiler Keeps Shutting Down.  If the boiler is constantly shutting off, then that could mean an electrical or gas problem, or that something is broken within the boiler system.  It is important to shut the boiler system down and keep it off, and then contact an expert.
  6. Boiler Zones Don’t Work.  Most boiler systems are zoned, and if one zone is not working then it may indicate a larger problem in the system.  Be sure to double check and make sure that there isn’t another problem keeping a zone from working.
  7. No Heat in Some Rooms.  Check the vents and ventilation, as this is not necessary an indication of a boiler problem, but may simply be caused by a blocked duct.

For any boiler repairs or boiler problems in the Vancouver Area, and for a 24/7 emergency response, you can always contact Pro Ace Heating at 604-293-3770.  We can have a technician out to you in a jiffy, ready to repair your boiler or HVAC system, and restore heating and comfort to your home.