What is a Heat Pump?

Heat Pumps

“What is a heat pump?” is one of the most commonly asked questions to our Pro Ace service technicians. The technology has been around for a few decades now, but it is still a relatively new addition to major home appliances, and many people don’t know what they are or how they help your home.  So we’re going to take a minute to discuss heat pumps in detail for you, and so you can see why it would be a great addition to your home.

Heat pumps work by taking outside air, and then heating or cooling it, and distributing it to your home. Think of it like an air conditioner, but instead of only cooling your home, a heat pump can also keep it warm.  Rather than burning fuel to create heat, like a furnace or boiler, heat pumps simply transfer heat from outside air to inside, making them much more efficient through many months of the year. And they aren’t just for heating your home – heat pumps are the usual way to heat swimming pools, hot tubs, and other subsections of your home.

These types of systems perform best in moderate climates.  They can still be useful in extreme climates, but in freezing cold winters they usually need to be used in conjunction with your furnace in order to maximize energy savings and keep your home heated and comfortable.  However, in moderate climates, where sub-zero temperatures are less common, they are an extremely efficient choice to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

The reason for this is simple.  It is because it is far more effective to use electricity to transfer a small amount of heat to or from outside air into your home, rather than burning fuel for heat.  This is especially true when there are only a few degrees of difference in temperature between the outside and the desired indoor temperature.  This allows heat pumps to save you huge amounts of money, especially in a moderate climate like British Columbia’s lower mainland.

It makes the benefits obvious.  More efficient means that you can save money by using your furnace and other heating systems less often, which will really add up for big savings on energy bills.  And because they are so efficient, it also means that a heat pump is better for the environment than only using your furnace or boiler for heat, because it allows you to use less energy.  And it’s convenient to have heating and cooling all in one simple system, rather than having a variety of systems for each job.

Pro Ace Heating experts are the right people to ask if you have any follow up questions about heat pumps.  We can walk you through commonly encountered problems, and send over professionals for installations, repairs, or service.  And we can offer a free consultation if you  are thinking about getting the benefits of a heat pump in your home.  We carry a selection of fantastic Trane heat pumps that can deliver the quality comfort that you desire in your home.