The 5 Advantages of a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable Thermostat Advantages

For your home heating or cooling system, programmable thermostats are the right way to go.  They are the latest and greatest in digital technology for home heating, and offer some amazing benefits that you just done get with old fashioned manual thermostats.  They make a fantastic addition to your home HVAC systems, and can be useful for saving you money and making your house and even more comfortable.

  1. Exact temperature under your control.  With an older manual thermostat, you can never quite be sure exactly what temperature you are set at – it could easily be off by two or three degrees, and that can be the difference between the right temperature and discomfort.   And it’s as easy as pushing a button.
  2. Energy savings thermostat!  The main draw of any programmable thermostat is the ability to control the exact temperature at any time of the week. You can have the thermostat turn down the temperature at night, or when no one is home in the house, resulting in day by day energy savings lowering your energy bill.  And energy savings add longer life to your heating or cooling unit.
  3. More programmable thermostat information.  Digital thermostats offer users much more information than manual thermostats.  You can see the exact temperature, tell whether or not your furnace is working correctly, and can find out exactly what temperature your home will be at, during a specific time of the week.  And they all have a digital seven-day clock build in.
  4. Affordability.  The cost of programmable thermostats is only marginally higher than a manual thermostat, and you can save that money back with the energy savings that a programmable thermostat can provide.  An inexpensive programmable thermostat can easily pay for itself over time, by cutting down on your gas and heating bills.
  5. Other features.  Many programmable thermostats offer additional features, such as vacation mode which will automatically adjust the temperature when you are away from your house for an extended period.  Battery indicators are another feature on many programmable thermostats, reminding you exactly when the batteries need to be changed, so that you do not forget.  And many higher end thermostats allow you to program for specific months, rather than just for the week, as well as other great features.

Also, remember that cranking your thermostat (whether a programmable or manual thermostat) up to 35 degrees, or down to 5 degrees, will not heat or cool your home any faster than having it at the desired temperature.  Homes will heat and cool at the same rate, regardless of the variation in temperature, and cranking it up or down, one way or the other, will just cause the HVAC unit to run longer, ultimately wasting more energy.  Just input the desired temperature for all times, using a programmable thermostat, for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Pro Ace Heating and Plumbing technicians are a great choice if you are looking to have a programmable thermostat placed into your home, to start taking advantage of the energy savings today!